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  1. When I was in school, we learned how to make your own paper and paper plates. I wish, I could remember how to do it. I do make my own blankets. I love to croshay.
  2. I am kind of lucky, my son isn’t big on meat. He just doesn’t like the taste. Try this web-site http://www.vegkitchen.com/kid-friendly-recipes/
  3. The broom is way cool. What a interest craft to do with your kids. I do recycle all of the bottle I use. I have never throught of making crafts out of them.
  4. I wish, I could buy organic all of the time. It just isn’t an option. I do buy much of my fruit and vegetables from local farms. I live in New Jersey, lucky for me, there are many farms around here.
  5. I had no idea, how many bad effect soda had. When I was little, my parents wouldn’t let me have soda. My husband is a soda junky. Since, being with him, I drink way too much soda. I want, to go back to not drinking any soda at all. I am having a hard time doing this. I still drink soda. But, I drink more water and tea. I have decided, to do it in little steps. I drink one bottle of water, to one can of soda. By February I hope, to switch out the soda for ice tea or hot tea, all together.
  6. There are many simple things you can do. Recycle and also buy recycled goods when possible grow a garden walk, run or ride a bike ( not only is it good for the environment but, it’s good for you) do simply little things like don’t litter pick up litter when you see it use energy saving products
  7. Hello, My name is Rose. I live in New Jersey close to Atlantic City. I truly believe in being one with nature. We all live on this planet and must help preserve her.
  8. rose

    Green Bag

    I live in New Jersey. Many stores around her recycle their own bags. They have recycling bins at the entrances. Many people use fabric bags. Stores will give you a few cents of your bill for every fabric bag you use.
  9. This is very scary. My nephew lives in West Virginia. Most of the stores are sold out of bottled water. Bottled water is being shipped in from other states. But, supplies are limited. They are not sure, how long it is going to be before, the water is drinkable, again.
  10. If, all if does is read out the amount of water one is using. I don't see what the big deal is. Most people these days are aware of how much water they are using. Since, in the United states, we all pay a water bill. If, there is more to it like lead reading, I didn't see anything on the video. It would be nice to learn more information about the Bware.
  11. Simon

    Hello rose, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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