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  1. http://www.permaculture.co.uk/articles/many-benefits-hugelkultur Hey check out one of the newest crazes in permaculture. The objects is to dig out a trench fill with brush that will decompose slowly, top off with compost, flip the sod and start growing... Yup, it's that easy, and it even creates more plantable area!
  2. Bikes, especially fixed-wheel, give a certain level of control that is unmatchable once at a certain skill level. Manuverability and speed are greatly enhanced by the very nature of the fixed-gear's direct power drive. Scary at first, but everybody should give one a try!
  3. @Simon Leufstedt: Awsome trailer! That's the sort of thing I like to see built and used by DIY folks! Keep those wheels high in revolution!
  4. Bgreen

    Cargo bikes

    This one is way cooler. I build bikes and would start from a few of this designs awsome innovations. Draw from inspiration like this and than take your own lead! Hopefully, people learn how to start fabricating their own bikes!
  5. "Organic" is a KEYWORD used to sell vegetables. It's about the same as a subsisty from the government, a mark of appoval. People grow and sell vegetables at, or better than, the quality factory-farmed 'organics' are. Try to make an effort to get your food from somebody you can shake your hand with. It will forever increase your quality of life.
  6. The promotion of factory farms is sick and causes a homogenized food perfect for corruption from micro-biological organisms. It also reaps havoc on the enviornments not only where they exist, but also where the resourses necessary for their existance are "harvested" from. That said, check out this permaculture design for maximizing vertical growth in fesible, independant ventures. If you can't do the work, stop trying to convince others to stop their task of their dreams
  7. Once I started riding a bike and a problem came up my dad would teach me how to resolve it than. I learned at an early age how to fix a flat, break a chaing, and even pin the bike to adjust the bars after a crash. It wasn't until I had gotten a bike that had more complex components that I learned the skills that baffle the average rider.
  8. I agree, but only up till a point. Growning my own food, I feel don't feel at all bad about composting food scraps. Even in winter, because the animals that stick around are more likely to eat it and help the process along anyways. My point is that taking upon the task of growing my own food I've also integrated composting(a primary tactic of permaculture). Yes, I feel a little bad, but it's not going to waste.
  9. http://www.good.is/posts/the-10-coolest-summer-camping-forts Wow! Some of these are manufactured to be the best of the best. I personally like the ones that look like they're built from scrap. What's your favorite?
  10. http://www.backwoodsurvival.co.uk/skills.htm/ Backwoods crafts, trapping and snaring, and fungi! These folks have this figured out. So, even if you know a little already check this out. Post any of your favorite links to bushcraft!
  11. Best illustration of the lake and oceans I've ever seen. I wish they would have had this when I was in school. Lake Michigan. WHOOT WHOOT!
  12. http://www.buzzfeed.com/campbellsgo/12-places-that-are-almost-too-beautiful-to-be-real/ My favorite is the Olympic National Park. Those trees. Those amazing sentinals of life. Know that all these areas are at risk of being destroyed and/or exploited. Post your favorite spot!
  13. Hello Everybody, You can call me the Bgreen. Supplying loads of fresh air to bottled knowledge. My interests are everything outside. That means gardening, farming, DIY homesteading/permaculture, and a myriad of disciplines that could be considered art. This forum looks lively with a ton of positive feedback. I've got a varied flavor for life always looking to soak up new knowledge and seek new adventures. Looks like there's a lot of information here.
  14. Hello Bgreen, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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