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  1. Lacey

    Green cooking

    In the summer, we barbecue everything. Or should I say that my husband barbecues ...I know that we save a lot of energy that ways and it is one of the best ways to cook because the food is always delicious.
  2. Both of the sites that were posted had great ideas that I can't wait to try. I found these wonderful chicken patties that were made out of veggies, I fried it up added a little lettuce and mayo and it tasted just like a chicken sandwich. I was fast and easy for dinner on the go.
  3. I saw some pictures of it the other day and couldn't believe how green and beautiful it was. I know humans couldn't live there without some sort of nuclear protection still and it will be that way for 1000's of years. After looking at those pictures I wondered how those animals had adapted. It was a neat to see them out in nature as they are supposed to be.
  4. I am from the Western U.S.. I think that more stops with public transportation and a quicker schedule would help promote the use of public transportation. I have to walk quite a ways to get to work and I actually have to drive to another city to catch a train to get to my work. If there were a few more stops I would take public transportation every day.
  5. I love this, what a great thing to produce energy this way and with something so massive. I would love a small turbine in my yard to help produce energy to cut my electric bill, but to also be more energy efficient and conscious about what "regular" energy is doing to our world. I am all for more turbines such as this being built.
  6. I grow most of my own fruits and vegetables. I compost all of the scraps and then also feed a lot of the scraps to my chickens which then fertilize the garden and it is just a cycle. So, in reality I don't believe I have a lot of food waste because it is just a cycle.
  7. I like the idea of vertical farming, and I think that because it wouldn't take up as much space as regular farm that we would be able to grow a lot more food with it. I actually do a very small type of vertical farming by growing a lot of different fruits and vegetables along my fence and holding them up with nets. It doesn't take much space and it is quite fun to do and watch.
  8. I recently became a vegetarian and have noticed in just a few weeks that I feel a lot healthier and have more energy than I did before. I make spinach smoothies everyday for breakfast and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables throughout the day.
  9. I have never heard of these before!! Where do you get them? I would love to try them out and see if they really works. I love to try things that are good for the environment and really work. I want to try these, I am very curious about them.
  10. I compost all of my food waste and try to reuse any canisters that I have. Unfortunately, I still have a lot of waste that I throw out each week that is not recyclable. It is too bad really I wish there were more things in my area for recycling and reusing products.
  11. Lacey

    Green Bag

    I use green recycled bags when I grocery shop. I will get some plastic ones on occasion because I like to reuse them for garbage can liners in my bathroom. The majority of the time though I do use my green shopping bags for my groceries.
  12. I love these. I used to make necklaces out of paper like the ornaments. I thought the can Christmas Tree was genius. I think I may try to make some ornaments. They are great.
  13. I would probably buy the mini garden just because I love things like that. HA HA....I really couldn't find actual uses for any of these. Thanks for posting these, they gave me a good laugh.
  14. I have a good supply of food and water. We have an ample supply of camping supplies and alternative sources of heat and electricity like generators and wood. I live in a very rural area as it is and we have to be prepared all the time because our power and water are a bit iffy.
  15. We are on a septic tank system where I live. I have read about generating power from them and it really interests me a lot. I am wondering about the expense and if you could just go ahead and set something up yourself to do it at your own home. It is a curious thing, I would be willing to do it and anything for an alternative source of energy.
  16. Lacey


    I raise chickens for their eggs. They just wander around my acre eating bugs and seeds. I don't eat meat so they are very happy hens that just lay eggs and eat everything. They are a very inexpensive way to raise food.
  17. I love this. The guy has a nice smile on his face, The gorillas seem harmless enough just a little curious. Thanks for posting, I love a good animal video.
  18. We just started a bike share program in our city and it is great. The traffic is noticeably down and it is pretty fun to bike around the city.
  19. Overpopulation is worse by far than over-consumption. People are living longer and having more children a lot longer in life.
  20. These are really neat, I can't pick one that I like the best but the one hanging in the tree is pretty cool. It's amazing what you can do with everything. Thanks so much for posting these.
  21. What great ideas. I really try to stay away from plastic bottles because you can't really reuse them to drink out of and you don't want to throw them away. I love these projects and next time I come across a plastic bottle I want to give these a try.
  22. I have never seen it but am very interested in trying it. I will for sure look for it next time I am grocery shopping. Please let us know how it tastes once you try it. I am very curious. It sounds really good.
  23. I try to buy organic as much as possible. You can definitely tell the difference in taste from the standard products. Any time there is an alternative to a regular product I buy it.
  24. I was able to get a "free" black plastic pipe that is about 24 inches in circumference. I cut it so that it stands about 4 feet high and I use that for my compost. It works great because the sun hits it and I have made really good soil with this.
  25. If we don't take care and help preserve the life of our animals then we won't have them anymore. I don't think people think about that. Animals should have rights....and we as humans should help preserve their rights by treating them with respect and kindness.
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