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  1. Eco-friendly changing of your habits Every person counts. This is not only the case when it comes to elections, but when it comes to something far more serious, like saving the planet we live on. Whenever you think you are just one person and your deeds don’t really count much, think about this: “Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.” Like Ghandi put it, if you chose to think differently today, you can influence the others tomorrow
  2. Environmentalists and their organizations, such as Greenpeace or the World Nature Organization, fight on a daily basis against human acts that lead to pollution and environment damage. These people are more active than numerous non-governmental organizations that usually criticize and shout, but do not do anything in particular to save what they speak against. Ecologists, on the other hand, plane and implement dozens of actions and events in order to raise the eco-awareness with ordinary people and protect the endangered species. What every business could do in order to join these forces for t
  3. Moving house means taking into consideration dozens of details both in terms of your personal items and the details you have to deal with when you enter your new home. However, there is one more detail in addition to all these personal ones – the Earth. When you are moving house, you can do it in a completely environment-unfriendly way or you can try and meet some of the green moving conditions. An interesting fact is that moving in accordance with the rules of ecology turns out to be more affordable and less pricy than ordinary techniques for moving. If you make the moving procedure meet the
  4. Going green If you want to be environmentally conscious and want to be eco-friendly then it is time that you take care of your home the green way too. There are a lot of home solutions for being greener and making your home more eco-friendly, and safer too. Moreover, if you want to save some money on home-made cleaning supplies, then it is best to switch over to Chances are that most of the supplies needed you already have in your pantry. DIY substitutions Most branded cleaning products are as harmful to the environment as they are good cleaners. Most components can be broken down into a
  5. Of course, the term green does not refer to the real colors of the skin, but to the fact that skin protection should also be done in accordance with some rules of ecology and sustainable development. It does not seem to be the case, but the market of products used for skin care is among those in which clashes between organizations like Greenpeace and cosmetics industry is on quite a high level. If you stop for a while and think deeply about how the products that we use for beautifying purposes arrive in our homes, it seems that the process is neither simple nor too clean. First of all, there m
  6. The internal combustion engine has been the leading force of every kind of development for more than 150 years now. Ever since its invention (i.e. adaptation and sophistication of previous tries), this machine has served in all fields of human work. Even where it seems that it has not been used, like the IT sector, it is not actually true, because all these components and computers have to be transferred and shipped. Because of that, IT is also unimaginable without the good old ICE. However, as the world is rapidly heading and developing, no matter how much is costs, it has become clear that
  7. Tyres are among the most reusable materials, but the quantity of tyres recycled and reused in one year is still insufficient for a larger impact on the welfare on the environment. What every government should know is that old tyres can be used in many creative and nature-friendly ways. If we make an effort to reuse second-hand tyres, the overall budget of every local community is going to be reduced to a more sustainable one and that money can be redirected to some other fields, such as education or health care. As a matter of fact, an organized and state-supported approach to disposing old ty
  8. Going green is not just a statement anymore. It is a necessity if we want to keep this planet inhabitable for the generations to come. That is a fact. It is not an opinion or a standpoint. It is a fact. And here are some ways in which you can reduce the carbon footprint that your business leaves. It will make a difference 1. Limit your printing Paper kills planet. Making paper kills the planet and when you consider that more than 30% of the waste that is made is paper, it becomes even more daunting. In order to do something about this, you need to limit yourself and your employees when it co
  9. Did you know that most of the bathrooms around the world aren’t exactly green? This is because there are huge amounts of water wasted. Your average toilet will use as much as 30% of the water consumed in the entire house. This and water heaters that need to be powered on all the time to provide warm water will increase your energy bill by a substantial amount. There are though a few tips in order to improve your energy and water consumption and to make your bathroom a bit “greener”. 1. The first thing you should improve in your bathroom is the toilet. Installing a low-flow unit will d
  10. While it seems that as a race we are making at least some progress to being more environmentally conscious and taking care of the world we are living in, there is always more that we can do. Food industry has been shifting to organic produce for a while now, but a lot of people who are trying to live in harmony with nature disregard another huge industry that has great impact on the environment – textiles and clothing industry. It is for them that we will try to outline the main benefits of the currently most popular types of eco friendly clothing. What is Eco Friendly Clothing? In order
  11. Once considered a thing of a distant future, now more real than ever before, the electric car is a new player in town which looks like it can quickly overshadow its older, gas-based predecessor. With a great amount of press and other media coverage, cars such as those produced by Tesla Motors are becoming increasingly relevant in the car world, winning the fight over their competitors due to the lesser amount of impact they have on the environment. A little less known, but nevertheless real fact, which is getting more and more press these days, is that those cars tend to be not only good fo
  12. The trend of going green does not only has to apply only to recycling, cars and lifestyle, you can now redecorate your own office to become more efficient and more eco-friendly. Replacing small gadgets and items in your office is the first step towards a more ergonomic future. Reusable coffee cups Eco cups are the perfect replacement for annoying paper cup coffee morning. No more accidentally spilling your coffee or worrying that it will be too hot to carry. You can also personalize them and bring a piece of your imagination to wherever you go. They are reusable so you can just refill your c
  13. Spring cleaning is one of the most liberating and refreshing traditions in the civilized world. Even if you are someone who is really meticulous about their home and about keeping things clean, a big, thorough and overwhelming spring cleaning is more than welcome. It is both a way to send off the winter and also to make the house lighter, fresher and, of course, cleaner. One thing that you may not have thought about is how green your spring cleaning has been. Well, we would like to share a few pieces of advice with you that can ensure that you are greener than ever when doing the spring cle
  14. Living greener is no longer a matter of choice or a statement. Living greener has become a necessity of life, at least for those people who can afford it. The simple fact is that if we all chip in at least a little bit, we can truly make a difference and try and slow down this downward spiral that sometimes seems to be out of hands. We can do something to take charge once again and these are some tips that should help you live greener. One of the most impactful ways in which you could start living greener is to start using green transport. Sure, it is so easy to jump in the car and driv
  15. One of the major advantages of eating locally grown food is that local food builds the community surrounding you. This helps you to develop a better understanding, build some level of trust and connect at a personal level with your neighbors and the environment. The simple fact that you know the farmer or the farm that grew the fruit you are eating is quite assuring and very appealing. Having farms around your vicinity also allows you to visit the farms with your children or family members and learn how some of these fruits we all enjoy are grown and harvested. It should also be noted that
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