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  1. Wow that is an eye opener. It seems that this is not a singular problem but one that is going to need to be addressed by all nations since it will affect all of us. The scope is amazing and I am glad to see issues like this raised so that they will gain proper attention.
  2. I have been watching the weather reports and this unusual snap of cold has been the worst in decades. It is examples like this that make it clear there are climate changes..and dramatic ones. What do you think about this phenomenon?
  3. I had to look it up and I do not know if it is available around these parts. I will have to endeavor a bit more. Wondering how yours turned out.
  4. Save on water use. Recycle, repurpose or reuse what you can. Compost...garden. Walk or ride a bike when you can. Participate or contribute if you can to worthy causes. Talk to others about being green...spreading the word and changing one attitude is a big step.
  5. Sounds like a great and noble venture. I will check out as things progress and wish you much success in your outreach. It is so true that each one of us can make a profound difference if we are willing to expend the effort. All the best.
  6. That is a massive turbine, but it does make sense as you have explained for offshore use and fiscal economy. There are many "fields" of turbines in the high deserts of California and I always find them to seem unearthly yet beautiful as they dot the landscape.
  7. I always thought Edison was a genius and you have proved it. I was unaware of that quote. What a forward thinker and too bad it has taken so many so long to catch up. Thanks for sharing an important quote.
  8. I think things are actually worse than the main stream media and politicians want us to believe. All you have to do is watch the weather reports and to think back, even within your own memory, and ask if you notice more extremes than in the past. I think common sense tells most of us something is in the works and has been progressing at an alarming rate.
  9. I have been following the Tesla for a while as well. There is no question they have the aesthetics down, but they are meeting some resistance in distribution which I am sure is affecting the overall "bottom line" price. I think if they can appeal to a larger market and get the pricing issues in check, they will be a viable addition to the more earth friendly market.
  10. What a great story. I moved from the city to a more rural area, but so few took advantage of the sandy soil out here. I was able to grow such an excess (and yes particularly zucchini) that I was placing "free ads" throughout my harvests. Aside from growing my own food and feeding so many others, gardening is an incredible stress reducer. I love to see examples like this.
  11. I had never heard of these structures but they look great and seem to be a great reuse and repurpose of materials. It always seems that some of the more radical designs will only flourish in areas a bit more free of administrative regulation. I know I have seen some uses of old tires in the high desert areas of southern California, but I am sure zoning and planning departments would probably pick any such uses apart in the more urban areas. I too like many of he comments would like to see more of the interior layout of these earth ship designs. Very interesting post.
  12. In the past I have run across a few programs about straw bale houses. It seems aside from the aesthetics of the homes they featured, the energy savings were very dramatic. I am wondering if any of you have heard anything or have actually seen this form of construction. Any feedback and information would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thank you for the post. I too had heard this about ferns, but had not heard about many of the others. I have many indoor plants, but I now have reason to bring some of my aloe indoors since I have usually grown them outside. This is an interesting topic and you have given me the incentive to look in to it more.
  14. I do not understand the denials of so many as to this issue. If you think about the relative short time in our own lives and if you have been even minimally observant, you would have to be totally unaware not to notice the severe weather shifts and "unusual" climactic events. What used to be unusual is now becoming usual (storms, temperature spikes, tsunami) and if it is noticeable in our short life times, how can anyone deny global warming is real, imminent and not slowing. As to most issues, I think denial is usually related to greed or the assumption by politicians and corporations that the
  15. What a powerful piece about such an awful and preventable situation. The little boy and the bird at the end shows the insanity of allowing this to happen. We have mandatory "redemption value" assesed on our beverages here and it is an incentive for people to recycle. It is difficult to believe Coke fights this in the international marketplace. Thank you for sharing this and it is getting the word out that will make a difference.
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