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  1. Who would have thought that from the simplest and the most basic things would pave the way to the introduction of much more comprehensive and convenient concepts of machines and equipment that most often than not, help people in accommodating their day-to-day routines ensuring the best outputs later on? Construction, with the advancement of technology, has incredibly experienced staggering developments aiming to improve quality of lives. Starting from the drawing up of blueprints up to acquiring environmentally and healthy designs of infrastructures, it has now been touched by technology
  2. Recently, I wrote on and their recycling. This time I’ll cover cell phone batteries which are growing concern and environmental hazard. Read on. The disposal of cell phone batteries has become a very big issue in the United States and that is because more and more handsets are released on the market, featuring batteries that not only last longer, but batteries that can also be charged much faster. This in turn causes a lot of people to dispose of their old handsets along with their batteries in an irresponsible way that only leads to higher environmental pollution levels. Accor
  3. Electric cars are considered more environment friendly cars compared to oil driven cars. The cars are powered by a battery which gets charged just like any other ordinary battery. But one thing that most people do not understand is that these batteries are made of certain chemicals and metals which pose some negative impacts not only to the environment but also to human beings and animals. This article will take a keen look into the compositions of some of the electric car batteries and the environmental impacts that these batteries and their components have. The ecological footprint
  4. Recently, I went camping with friends in beautiful Acadia Park and was horrified by how some people are careless and how they ruin camping place behind without even noticing so I decided to write a bit on this issue. Going on a camping/hike once, twice and even for a few long periods doesn’t make you an expert. This hobby requires practice, dedication, discipline and commitment for you to become the best you can be. You need to know about the basic and fundamental strategies when hiking, which practically include surviving in the woods or wherever your campsite may be along with
  5. The age-old dilemma of adverse effects of technological advancements on the ecological balance resurfaces when one looks at the impact of printing ink and paper on the environment. Despite a lot being said about the ill-effects of our increased reliance on the process of printing and growing humdrum around green initiatives, the global work culture is still far from adopting the utopian paperless communication and documentation process. The fact that PDF files, e-mails and soft copies of documents have failed to reign over their printed counterparts is evident from the fact that the glob
  6. Yeah, i agree, i just figured out that pasting from my text editor messes up the formatting. Will be better from now on
  7. Our growing reliance on excessive use of technology has resulted in some adverse effects on the ecological system. While there is no denying that the evolution of modern technology has greatly contributed in improving the quality of human life, it is equally hard to overlook the fact that the same technological developments have thrown the ecological system off balance. Green Technologies One of the most imposing threats to the world’s ecology stems from an incessant increase in energy consumption. The threat perception emerging from current state of ecology has led to the genesis and
  8. With the deepening global energy crisis, energy conservation has become a must in every part of the world and Australia is no exception. But with the addition of new appliances to the existing pile almost every day, the energy needs of homes across Australia have exponentially increased, thereby posing a challenge to the energy conservation initiatives. Since our daily lives revolve around these appliances, we cannot eliminate them in an effort to save energy. The best way to keep your energy bills in check is to adopt energy efficient practices in your home. There are several ways of cutti
  9. For the first time, the CO2 levels in the atmosphere have hit 400 ppm (parts per million). This threshold represents the growing influence of humans on the climate. The man-made emissions of CO2 have increased the concentration in the atmosphere from about 270-280 ppm in the 1700s to the current record – a 43% increase. According to scientists, this is surprising considering the rapid growth of global CO2 emissions from the frequent burning of oil, coal and natural gas. Last year, the global CO2 emissions reached 38.2 billion tons. This is an increase of around a billion tons more compar
  10. Hello pentago, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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