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  1. The first exit poll shows that in Netherlands far right and anti-european party is below the expectations and places fourth. The first victory against anti-europeanism.
  2. I agree with you and the post I've written it's very interesting. What's more important for Europe is a strong European Commission with the essential particepation of the Greens in Environmental Commission. I really hope that Europeans will choose Schulz which is not so socialist (he's more social democratic) but I think he can do the first step for the future of Europe
  3. I think it's horrible that in the 21st century people have to work and die like slaves in the most terrible places in the world and the most shocking thing is the response of the government "it can happen". I truly hope it won't happen anymore.
  4. This is the demonstration that nuclear power is dangerous. Human errors and natural disasters were and are devastating. We can't afford to produce more energy with this source, it's for the good of the people.
  5. I think that the decision of the European Greens to candidate a man and a woman (who has only 32 years) is fantastic. These elections will decide the president of European Commission and the main rival of Juncker is Martin Schulz, white, old but smart and with a progressist vision of the European Union. I'd prefer to vote Schulz instead of Juncker but I think Socialists, Greens and the European Left have to cooperate because these elections will change everything.
  6. You're right, it's a horrible fact. This should be enough to give climate change maximum priority but apparently this virus isn't spread enough to change things in a total way.
  7. Another sad truth that is bringing many dangers and some of them are very hidden. In the soil of the Southwest of USA we can find the Coccidioides fungus. In dry months, the dust scatters in the wind and can be breathed into the lungs, infecting humans and animals. The incidence is rising dramatically in the Southwest, where reported cases increased tenfold from 1998 to 2011, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). You can find more on: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/12/04/climate-change-disease/2623863/
  8. At the beginning people who decided to protest against Keystone XL were a minority but now, day after day, the number increases and I hope USA will say no to the pipeline. Usually I'm not against every new project, I support those that won't bring any damages to the environment or to the people and it's an objectiv fact that Keystone XL is dangerous. Unfortunately money and personal interests are more important for the people that decides.
  9. 283 victims, dozens of missing people. These are the numbers of the tragedy that happened in a mine in Soma, Turkey. 450 were saved and 80 are wounded Hurriyet (one of the most important turkish newspapers) reported. Hundreds of rescuers continue to search for workers in the galleries of the mine more than 400 meters below the ground. At the time of the fire, probably sparked by a short circuit, in the galleries (4 km long), there were 787 workers. Carbon monoxide is the main cause of the death. Two weeks ago, the main opposition party, the Chp of Kemal Kilicdaroglu, had asked for an inquiry i
  10. New technologies are changing global energy system and there will be a time where physical energy infrastructures won't exist anymore because of wireless power, which is the transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electrical load without man-made conductors. Can we really send Watts of energy as we send an email? Apparently yes and the advantages are endless. Think about the amount of money spent in energy infrastructures (pipelines, electricity cables...) and think how much energy can be shared in the world. There are many ways to transmit power without wires. The most com
  11. All over the world people are protesting against what I call the stupidest project of the moment: Keystone XL. We shouldn’t use oil so why should people just accept the damages this pipeline will bring? “The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere averaged more than 400 parts per million throughout April, the first time the planet’s monthly average has surpassed that threshold.” When I read this on Bloomberg I immediately thought to oil and then Keystone. It’s unbelievable the disrespect of some governments to the CO2 limits. While UN are shouting CO2 emissions must immediately stop some go
  12. Knowing that there are so many green communities it's a relief. Deny climate change science is just stupid, it means deny the evidence. It's time that every government understands that climate change is real and it's a danger and starts to act.
  13. I really hope that one day when a human sees an oil tank will decide not to burn it, I hope that will choose to leave it. Unfortunately a lot of people still want to burn oil and to use it, ignoring the environment. In these days one of the hot topics is Keystone pipeline which is, according to my opinion, useless, expensive and polluting.There's no need to tell why a pipeline is polluting. The endless spills talk for themselves. Useless for the creation of a better energy system built on clean energy. Useful for the generation of electricity but the price is too high. Talking about prices
  14. The role of companies is essential for a fast development of renewable energy sector and it's also very appreciated. Although, to complete the equation it's necessary a total support from governments.
  15. Today, a month and two days after Spring Equinox, is the Earth Day. A few days ago we celebrated the Earth Hour and now we dedicate an entire day to environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970 and now it's organized by the Earth Day Network and takes place in more than 192 countries each year. Over the years milions of people all over the world take action to make the Earth greener and safer and today everybody can act to contribute the Earth Day. But what is the sense? Will something really change? Will climate change end today? Of course not but what we do today should be r
  16. I understand the frustration when you read all the terrible news regarding our environment situation that's getting worse day after day. But we must remember that green politics made giant steps in the past years. Fourty years ago green parties and organizations didn't exist and now there are milions of people fighting against climate change. I find encouraging U.N. role against global warming but what the environment needs is that governments change their minds, that company change their politics. Someone must continue to shout that environment has to be protect. This website is one of the
  17. Exactly, the PDF of the project can be easily found on the Internet. The biggest "problem" of renewable energy, that only somebody sees, is its cost which is too high but it's a lie! In 1973 photovoltaics costs 76 $/Watt and now it's 0.74 $/MWh and it will decrease more and more. It's an investment with a bright future but some countries just want to continue to burn fossil fuels. This is a global problem because it hurts everybody. We share energy, we also share pollution.
  18. In these days Japanese government took the worst decision concerning energy: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is pushing Japan’s coal industry to expand sales at home and abroad. Japan is still fixing the disasters of Fukushima and what is the best thing to do after a nuclear disaster? Expand coal industry! What kind of government would do the contrary of what U.N. told to do for the wellness of planet? A new energy plan approved by Japan’s cabinet on April 11 designates coal an important long-term electricity source. Japan is one of the richest states in the world and this decision is a step backw
  19. Still me! I like both designs but if I should decide I'd choose the past one.
  20. Nice article! After reading this I think that I'll write my next posts on the stone
  21. While the third IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report explains that fossil fuels use must end to avoid the dramatic consequences of climate change, 202 millions barrel of oil are stocked in Houston, Texas ready to entering the energy market. Let's proceed in order: IPCC is an international organization, part of UN and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. Its reports are precise, accurate and sadly true. Refute the results of reports would be stupid and useless since I don't think the IPCC is part of a secret lobby with the only intent to destroy the dominance of fossil
  22. Swedish is an interesting language. One of the biggest problem caused by the global crisis is disoccupation that is common for all European countries. I hope that these elections (May 25) will change things because right now European politics doesn't work.
  23. There'll be no problems, I'm loyal to my computer.
  24. I really like the way the website looks! It's modern and efficient. Well done!
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