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  1. Unfortunately conspiracy theories attract many people but what convince more are fake, comfortable truths. World is full of real inconvinient truths.
  2. Mark Piazzalunga

    Earth's beauty

    Just beautiful photos of landscapes and nature with less buildings as possible. A reminder of the things we have to protect. And the photos are all original.
  3. From the album: Earth's beauty

  4. Too cold, too warm, every change in the climate is dangerous for unstable structures. I hope they won't secure nuclear plants but close them.
  5. Nuclear has no future, I can't totally understand yet the reasons that lead governments to support non-renewable energy.
  6. On Thursday 17th of July a Malaysian airplane, flight MH17, was hit by a surface-to-air missile over the border between Ukraine and Russia, an unstable and dangerous area because of the war between Ukrainian army and the separatists supported by Russia. The plane crashe to the land, all the passengers of the plane (280) and the crue (15) died and leaving on the ground a horrible apocalypse of fire and metal. Because of the news international media focused again of the civil war in Ukraine and remembered people about the missing of flight MH370 altough the two events have no connections except
  7. Wonderful the magnificient politics of David Cameron and the Conservatives. Meanwhile, Alex Salmond, Scottish PM, promises that by 2020 100% of Scotland electricity will be generated from renewable sources, sign of an intensive green politics. Sometimes different countries should run the global energy system.
  8. Today a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 was hit by a surface-to-air missile and crashed in Ukraine. 295 people died. I hope justice will be done.

    1. Simon


      And Israel just announced that they will send troops into Gaza. What a shit day!

    2. Mark Piazzalunga

      Mark Piazzalunga

      Indeed... If Ukrain troops or pro-Russia forces hit the plane was an accident, Israel sent troops to Gaza on purpose.

  9. Have you ever met a denier of climate change? Lucky you because if you are a strong environmentalist (like me) it's hard to discuss with the deniers. So, here’s a list of essential advices for persuading one or more people about the great benefits of green energy/politics/economics. 1. Don’t appear like a crazy prophet of an environmental apocalypse. It doesn’t inspire a lot of trust and a lot of people get tired about the usual environmental polemics. 2. Always expose objective and tangible data supporting your theory. The good thing is that there are a lot of positive data regarding green t
  10. Wow! I love the new design, it's simple but perfect. The new logo is also great :)
  11. Thanks, I think it's one of the most beautiful places in Ireland.
  12. It seems to me that we all look at Nature too much, and live with her too little. Oscar Wilde

    1. Simon


      And now it seems we aren't even looking at nature enough!

    2. Mark Piazzalunga

      Mark Piazzalunga

      Ironic, if I think to the reaction of Oscar Wilde today...

  13. China may struggle to cut carbon emissions to levels that prevent the worst effects of global warming. I hope so!

  14. Our world is powered by an energy system based mainly on fossil fuels since the beginning of the XX century. How much could it last? Some years? Some decades? Certainly not an entire century. It’s time for alternative energy. An energy system based on renewables can last for centuries instead. Hydrogen cells represents part of the future of energy and its continuing development will have an effect on the reduction of fossil fuels usage. Hydrogen can be used to power vehicles with fuel‐cell engine. A miniature fuel cell is light and economical than to an ordinary battery. This would allow to
  15. Sorry, I just saw your comment. Holiday with no wifi. Thanks, Simon :)

  16. From the album: Earth's beauty

    Typical country of Western Ireland.
  17. From the album: Earth's beauty

    The famous and magnificent Cliffs of Moher, Western Ireland
  18. From the album: Earth's beauty

    A photo picturing grass and the sky in a Summer Irish day.
  19. From the album: Earth's beauty

    Landscape of a Greek beach with a village on the background.
  20. From the album: Earth's beauty

    Gigantic tree planted in the middle of a green square acts as natural roof.
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