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  1. This is the worst drought Califronia has ever seen and it's lasting more than three years! California's agriculture is destroyed and the drought is turning the Golden State into a desert. Govern Brown would build an aqueduct from Nevada to California but it's expensive and it takes too much time. Republicans said it's normal,the normal weather of California but there are no precedents of this situation. If this isn't global warming... also California needs to do the ice bucket challenge.

  2. And what a noble act is yours. Apparently bees are attracted by blue, white, yellow or purple flowers, some examples: fuchsia, daisy, sunflower, cosmos, gaillardia, asters. Plant them in a sunny spot where bees will come. Pesticides are out of business, if you have to use them start with the less toxic. Also fruit trees attract them. Regarding the herbs I suggest basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, borage and balm.


    So, flowers must be well spotted, different colors, different shapes. Good lcuk with the new house and the new garden!

  3. Wonderful project! The idea is very illuminating, to condensate and unite the energies to be competitive in a global scenario. I'm sure they'll complete it in a few years. But that's the North of Europe, another reality, much more efficient than the South. Think to the bridge of Øresund is a massive project. Here in Italy we have many unfinished projects, especially we have a 500 km highway started fifty years ago and it's not finished yet.

    Returning to high-speed rails we have Turin-Lyon, started a few years ago but on the French side there are no problems, on ours there's the police 24 hours a day and Beppe Grillo and his entire movement against the project. Lucky us!

  4. europemax14_zps48d21cca.gif

    On the old traces of TEN-T project a new high speed rail system could be built basing on the "European corridors". Some high spped rails already exists but are unfinished and non-linear. The main corridors should be five: three verticals, two horizontal.
    The vertical corridors:
    1. Blue. Lisbon-Edimburgh. Lisbon-Madrid-Bordeaux-Paris-through Eurochannel-London-Birminghan-Manchester-Edimburgh-Glasgow. Also another line wich connects Dublin to Belfast. Let's not forget Ireland.
    2. Red. Rome-Stockholm with extentions from Naples to Oslo. Naples-Rome-Florence-Bologna-Milan.
        - The first branch is Bern-Munich-Lipsia-Berlin-Hamburg-Copenhagen-Stockholm-Oslo.
        - The second is Strasborug-Luxembourg-Bruxelles-Amsterdam. There are some extensions to Prague, Frankfurt, Liechtestein and Lyon.
    3. Yellow. Athens-Helsinki. Athens-Skopje.
        - The first branch is Sofia-Bucarest-Chisinau-Lviv-Minsk-Vilnius-Riga-Tallinn-Helsinki with extensions to Istanbul.
        - The second is Sarajevo-Zagreb-Ljubijana-Wien-Prague with extensions to Belgrade and Bratislava
    The horizontal corridors:
    1. Green. Lisbon-Kiev (also known as Corridor 5). Lisbon-Madrid-Valencia-Barcelona-Marseille-Lyon-Turin-Milan-Venice-Trieste-Ljubijana-Budapest-Lviv-Kiev with extensions to Bratislava and Genoa.
    2. Light-blue. Paris-Moscow. Paris-Bruxelles-Amsterdam-Berlin-Poznan-Warsaw-Minsk-Moscow with extensions to Prague.

  5. It would be a wonderful project, unfortunately we're still waiting the new commission. The TEN-T project failed and the most unsuccessful was Corridor 5 which should have connect Lisbon to Kiev but Portugal and Spain governments had the economical crisis to handle. Italy had no connection with Slovenia and Hungary wanted to invest money in highways. Here's the link for a complete article about that:




    It will be wonderful to restart everything from zero. The idea of Paneuropean Corridors is interesting but with the current situation in Ukraine...

  6. Here's an alternative to biofuels: Electrofuels. Current biofuel production methods are intensive and require additional resources, such as water, fertilizer, and large areas of land to grow crops. Electrofuels bypass photosynthesis altogether by utilizing microorganisms that are self-reliant and don't need solar energy to grow or produce biofuels.

    These microorganisms can directly use energy from electricity and chemical compounds like hydrogen to produce liquid fuels from carbon dioxide (CO2). Because these microorganisms can directly use these energy sources, the overall efficiency of the fuel-creation process is higher than current biofuel production methods that rely on the more passive photosynthesis process. Scientists can also genetically modify the microorganisms to further improve the efficiency of energy conversion to liquid fuels. And, because electrofuels don't use photosynthesis, they don't require the prime agricultural land or water resources of current biofuels.

  7. I don't like "generalist" social networks like Facebook and Google+ (I don't like Google) that's why I prefer Flickr or Tumblr but you're right Simon, there are few apps in the Windows Marketplace. It's a shame, Windows 8 is a good OS.

  8. I'm sure green movement won't become like Republican oil lobby. There's one thing the global green movement doesn't have: money (and some marketing to get sponsored). It's horrible that climate change is considered less important than Orlando Bloom punching Justin Bieber...

  9. Twenty years ago renewable energy was science fiction and climate change didn't exist, well, it did but nobody knew that. Now renewable energy sector is a market of billion dollars. Companies like Sun Power and Abengoa are quoted in the stock exchanges all over the world. From zero to a hundred billion dollars in just twenty years, with 6.5 million jobs and the constant target to fight climate change. In twenty years where will the green movement be?

    We just have to keep the movement alive, keep telling people the risk of climate change is high, keep acting for a greener world. This website is the demonstration of how a green community is beautiful and rich of people from every part of the world.

  10. Imgn1_zps107170b1.png

    A good news for innovation and environment comes from Denmark, pioneer in the sector

    of renewable energy. A team of British designers and artists have proposed a floating

    tourist attraction that would gather solar energy in Copenhagen Harbor as the Danish

    city works to become carbon-neutral by the year 2025. And this flosting attraction is a giant


    That’s right! A giant sea duck could power Copenaghen with renewable energy! Human

    mind can do wonderful things sometimes.


    Built from lightweight steel and covered in solar panels, the “energy duck” would by

    day collect the sun’s rays and by night bask the harbor in LED lights that change color

    in rhythm with the hydro turbines inside it. Based on its modelling, in its entirety, the

    energy yield of the generator would be 75% of a fully optimized solar farm on the same

    site. additionally, ‘energy duck’ has been conceived to be completely scalable depending

    on the situation: a 40m high duck serves a town; a 20m high duck serves a village, and a

    4m high duck serves an individual house.

    It can be a very, very visited tourist attraction and also a giant renewable energy hybrid

    generator. It could represent a big step forward in the energy sector but most of all: it’s a

    sea duck!

  11. 20140724_conflict_zps69f81c29.jpg

    When I searched the definition for “war” I found this: “War is a social or politic event which consists in an armed conflict between two or more subjects. What is happening now in the Gaza Strip can’t be named a war, it’s more like an invasion and a slaughter of innocent people. People warned to leave their houses by a SMS before a missile attack, children murdered in the schools, this is the nightmare in the Gaza Strip. The invasion of Palestine should have been a “protection operation” against the terrorist group Hamas. It’s true, children can be dangerous. Especially if they’re injected with hate through towards Israel and Tel-Aviv government is achieving this target: being hated, not just by Gaza Strip but by a great part of the world.

    An Israeli air strike killed at least 10 people and wounded about 30 others today in a U.N.-run school in the southern Gaza Strip. What’s the reason? Were they hiding missiles in that school? A U.N. school? Even if there were missiles in there, couldn’t Israel army took them without killing ten people? Meanwhile Hamas delegation arrived in Cairo today to negotiate a ceasefire, which lasted 6 minutes, then Israel raids killed a children and wounded 30 people.

    Calling the murder of men, women and children a “protection operation” and collateral damages is cowardice and acts full of disguise. 1822 victims, Palestine officials says, a high price, for what? After this “war” there’s a second one on the social networks. Many supporters of Palestine who criticized the actions of Israel have been called anti-Semites. The worst reasoning someone could make. There are 5.7 million Jewish in Israel and 8 million in the whole country. There are 5 million Jewish in the U.S. and 400,000 in France. In the rest of the world there are more Jewish than Israel.

    Criticizing Israel and being called anti-Semite is like criticizing Italy and being called anti-Catholic. It doesn’t make any sense since there are also Muslims and Christian in Israel and I’m sure that a great part of Israel disguise the murder of women and children. There’ll be a time for trials, for assumptions of liability and for accusations but first of all, let’s stop this slaughter.
    Photo from WashingtonPost.com

  12. Have you ever met a denier of climate change? Lucky you because if you are a strong environmentalist (like me) it's hard to discuss with the deniers. So, here’s a list of essential advices for persuading one or more people about the great benefits of green energy/politics/economics.

    1. Don’t appear like a crazy prophet of an environmental apocalypse. It doesn’t inspire a lot of trust and a lot of people get tired about the usual environmental polemics.

    2. Always expose objective and tangible data supporting your theory. The good thing is that there are a lot of positive data regarding green topics.

    3. Always predict any possible antithesis to improve your thesis.

    4. Don’t be boring. The worst thing after the refuse is the indifference.

    5. Believe in what you say. You have to be convinced about the things you say otherwise it’s totally useless.

    6. Don’t invent data to support your thesis and always verify the reliability of the data that you have to expose.

    Of course, if you're at a dinner with some friends don't show graphs about the levels of CO2 and the melting of Northern Pole. And what about you? Have you ever had an argue with someone about environment? Write it in the comments.

    P.S. For every climate change denier, I'm happy to hear your experiences but prepare for hard discussions :)


    A little reminder of the things we have to protect.

  13. "Global warming is melting Artctic ices? Who cares? It doesn't affect me directly and it doesn't change my life."
    Well, ignorant person, here's a nasty consequence of climate change that will revolutionize your life (especially in Summer): humidity. A nightmare for young people, a risk for old people, a good thing for a little minority of lucky ones. Will people finally believe in climate change when humidity will conquer the world? I think so. Humidity can be nasty for some one but it can be dangerous for business especially if it's rising.

    That’s one of the findings in a report published today called “Risky Business,” commissioned by some of America’s top business leaders to put price tags on climate threats. For example, by the end of the century, between $238 billion and $507 billion of existing coastal property in the U.S. will likely be subsumed by rising seas, and crop yields in some breadbasket states may decline as much 70 percent. If this doesn't scare you...

    By 2050, the average American is likely to see between two and more than three times as many 95 degree days as we're used to. By the end of this century, Americans will experience, on average, as many as 96 days of such extreme heat each year. The report says a child bron in the past 20 years can feel the heat over a lifetime.

    What to do when it's hot? Air conditioner. It has a cost: according to the report in the next 25 years we'll need $12 billion and the average of 200 power plants.

    "Heat is nasty, so? It isn't letal."
                                                                                                                                                                                  Oh, yes it is. By the end of the century, the Southeast will see an additional 11,000 to 36,000 people die each year from heat-related conditions as the region swelters under as many as 130 more days of extreme heat, according to the report. In the milder Northeast, where the thermometer hits 95 degrees just 2.6 days a year today, the number will rise by between 17 and 59 days.


    "The risks are much more perverse and cruel than we saw with the financial crisis, because they accumulate over time,” Hank Paulson (Treasure Secretary under George W. Bush) said in New York today. Business leaders are sometimes accustomed to moving slowly on long-term risks. In the case of global warming, he said, “a business-as-usual approach is actually radical risk-taking.”

    And if it's a Republican to say it...

  14. If you rip a sheet into two equal parts, overlay them and then rip and overlay them again you’ll get a pile of sheets high four times than the initial sheet. If you repeat this action for 50 times you’ll get a pile which height can reach the moon. This is an example of exponential growth, the same behavior human population has. Quote from “Inferno” of Dan Brown.

    There are 7.08 billion people on Earth and the number rises every day exponentially. The number of people rises, so the number of cars, CO2 emissions, water demand, energy demand, temperature and many other factors. The attempts made to try to contain the problem are to reductive and it’s easy to seem crazy when you criticize overpopulation.

    Overpopulation is similar to cliamte change: they're uncontrollable growths. The only way to contain them is to change the minds of everybody. It's not really working with climate change neither with overpopulation.


    Students in China (Reuters)

  15. Finally I see a strong opposition not just to Keystone but to all fossil fuels lobby from the US Government. If Keystone won't work Canadian government will see in US a country with a disinterest to oil market and will direct its oil from the State of Alberta to Vancouver and then shipped to China.

    A victory for US but what about China? To finally end oil lobby all countries must participate, even Canada.

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