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  1. Maintaining a house is a great responsibility, and that list of chores only builds up when you have a garden to take care of as well. However, like with anything else, you only need some practice until you create a routine that can fit into your regular daily schedule. In order to help you get this done faster and more efficiently, I created the next five steps which I’m sure you’ll find helpful. Regular Mowing Is a Must If you want to get anything done, you need to have a clean slate. This is why you need to start with cleaning your lawn thoroughly, especially if it has been covered with sn
  2. While most people believe that thinking green has to do something with things that are far away geographically, a constantly growing part of the general populace is starting to realize that this just isn’t true. I mean, we have all noticed how the weather is changing year in, year out, and more and more information about lost species, eco catastrophes, our general disregard for the environment, and how this impacts our daily lives keep emerging. This naturally leads people to reevaluate the state in which their homes are, and this is the most logical place to start. Still, a lot of people do
  3. There is nothing like The Great Outdoors. Whether you are an experienced camper or just an average Joe looking to reconnect with nature, a camping trip will make a unique experience each and every time. The rough terrain of the wilderness will push you to your limits, and the fresh air of the night beneath a starry sky will give you a profound understanding of how fragile and tiny we are. Regardless of whether you are going camping with your friends in a park nearby, or going on a hiking expedition to a remote location, preparation is the key to a safe and successful trip. Basic Items It
  4. The trend of owning Green homes is nothing new, but there is this general misconception on how to achieve this. While it is true that most approach it as a decorative technique, it is also true that, when something is marked by the word Green, we are referring to its environmental friendliness. People have tendency of forgetting this, and it is a big decorative and environmental transgression to arrange your home with environmental issues in mind but then fail to recycle. If you truly want to go Green then you have to go for the whole package. Still, there are plenty of things you can do to
  5. In recent years, going green has not only become a proper movement, but a whole way of life, and you only need to look around yourself to see why it is so important. We have become hungry for power, and we are recklessly treating nature, spending all the resources it has to offer, without even caring about whether that is sustainable or not. We read all the time that members of endangered species are dying out, we feel sad and maybe click a like, then we continue doing what we do best – ruining this planet. But what can you do, practically do, so that you decrease your influence on this plane
  6. When owning a business, no matter its size and complexity, it is very important to develop your own marketing ideas and implement them as soon as possible. Any type of business will work much better once a proper marketing campaign has been developed. Promoting your services or products will certainly lead to a wider range of potential customers and thus, it will get you, pure and simple, more money. And that’s the goal here, isn’t it? Several requirements exist beforehand When talking about money, you should know that a good promotional campaign can cost you very little. The point here is
  7. Most of us live fast paced, urban lives, and this kind of a lifestyle takes a toll on our health. It instills some habits that deteriorate our health and destroy our fitness. Our physical fitness is one of those things that are easily lost and require a lot of work to get back. The biggest issues has to do more with our habits that anything else really. We pick up a bunch of bad habits as we grow up, start working and socializing more. Some of them as a consequence of peer pressure, some related to convenience and so on. It is a wondrous thing that paying attention to certain small things an
  8. We all know how we tend be care free during our youth, since our body is young, strong, resilient, we don't feel severe consequences of the smoking and hangovers last about six hours. Although, it is true that we can recover swiftly, and go on like everything is normal, a world of pain awaits us once we get older. To make things worse, a lot of people eat only fast food, and the intake of vitamins is ridiculously low. It is this kind of lifestyle that will leave us standing in awe before our own stupidity. Of course, we shouldn't turn our backs completely to all the things that are bad for our
  9. These days we can see a more intense focus on owning and buying products marked as green or environmentally friendly. The popularity of PCs, cars, phones and so on – have been made in such a way that they are energy efficient. It is a good thing that companies are trying to get on to the band wagon but they aren't really getting the whole thing right. Not yet at least. Regardless of this sloppy effort made by large companies and corporations, we can still see a lot of good things that come from environmentally friendly moves made by the general public. If you are thinking about renovating y
  10. The fact that people are taking active roles in preserving the environment without anybody forcing them to do it tells us that there has been some noteworthy success when it comes to spreading awareness about this very important issue. This awareness and effort made by people has significantly influenced almost every aspect of our lives, for the better of course. Along with trying to preserve the environment and the Earth’s fragile eco-system, the green initiative has managed to do a lot of work connected to improving work safety, home safety, raising the quality of life in our homes and gener
  11. We have slowly become aware of the fact that we must cut down on emissions and focus on preserving our environment. Yet, there is still a long way to go, as less efficient and environment-damaging fuels still remain the primary source of income for a lot of people, people who would like to see alternative fuel technologies stagnate as long as possible. We are just starting to see greener car options that come close to gas guzzlers in terms of performance, but there is still a noticeably higher cost for going green. An electric car, e.g. a Ford Focus Electric, will cost on average about $16.0
  12. These days, there is this great hype concerning the question of preserving the environment and this isn’t just some passing trend. The awareness of the general public is on a steady rise in the last decade and is still going up. People are getting informed and are actively trying to prevent pollution and the further deterioration of the environment. This can be viewed through the active participation of various communities in projects (organized by them or the government) which take actions that help keep our planet healthy. This has caused major changes in almost all industries and laws are a
  13. The construction industry is one of the largest and most active branches of industry in the world. Even in times of recession this branch of industry is very active and it employs a great part of the population, directly or indirectly. There are 130 million people employed in the construction industry in the US alone. This number doesn’t include people who work as construction inspectors and similar jobs that are in some way tied to this industry. This tremendous activity has a lot of downsides when we look at the whole thing from an environmental point of view. Whether we are willing to admit
  14. Welcome to the forums Urbanosaurus :)

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