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  1. The world is going green, and so can you! Having an Eco friendly kitchen starts with what’s in your fridge and extends all the way out to what materials and tools you use, food preparation that is energy efficient, and cleaning using sustainable materials instead of toxic chemicals. These are all super important for having a kitchen that is truly green and Eco friendly. The great thing about converting your space from a regular, unhealthy kitchen to something that is phenomenal and efficient is that the change will be fantastic for your well being as well as save you dollars while saving the p
  2. Environmental pollution is defined as any adverse change in the environment brought on by the introduction of contaminants. It has been around as long as human civilizations have, as evidenced by soot found on the ceilings of prehistoric caves and core samples of glacial ice that show signs of pollution dating from ancient times. The industrial revolution and globalization have resulted in an exponential growth in pollution, making it a key environmental and political issue which we, as a species, have only relatively recently started to tackle in a reasonably effective manner. The modern age
  3. In our relatively recently revived quest for reducing our devastating environmental impact and ecological footprint, packaging is one of the most recent additions to the list of our products that need to be more in tune with the needs and limitations of Mother Earth. Sustainable green packaging constitutes an approach that requires a thorough analysis of the whole supply chain, including basic function, marketing, end of life and the rebirth. It requires a somewhat more detailed analysis of the package design, choice of materials, its processing and the life cycle than some of the older enviro
  4. Tips for Eco Friendly Pools Maintaining a pool can be costly because of the huge energy requirement to keep it clean. Fortunately, there are certain steps and improvements that you can do to lessen this cost and make your pool become more eco-friendly. By eco-friendly, this means that you would be reducing water and energy wastes, which are both important and limited resources. With the following tips, you will be hitting two birds with one stone. You will be helping the environment, as well as reduce your maintenance cost. Replace Your Pump Check if the pump that you are currently using is
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