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  1. The town of Orme, Tennessee here in the United States is on the worst water restriction ever! They can only have water pumped into their quaint little mountain town for three hours a day, and it is outsourced from elsewhere to boot! I've got to say, places like Atlanta, Georgia are next on the list, expecting to run out of water by the end of the calendar year! Why is this you ask? Well, I could say it's Global Warming, but it's more complicated than even that! Oh, why yes, it is Global Warming, but it's also the greed of human beings as well! See, the entire Southeast United Sta
  2. Is Florida already feeling the early effects of global warming? Can we safely say that Florida is sinking into the ocean? The rumors I heard as a child, that such a thing could happen, seemed like folklore. If you listen to the many experts on the subject though, that seems to be the case. Beans that I'm a citizen of the Sunshine state, as one would imagine, this issue is of great concern to me. In this article, we will look at the severe impacts that have yet to hit us. There were conclusions layed out in an October 2001 scientific study published by NRDC in conjunction with research scie
  3. My name is Michelle Dyer and I am here to announce my contributions to Green Blog. Please allow me to send out a huge thank you to the moderator for inviting me to participate as a writer for this great site. I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts, as well as any research I plan to carry out, on the topic of Climate Change. Please feel free to send in your thoughts, suggestions, questions and concerns. Together, we will tackle this growing monster from the deep!
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