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  1. Nowadays the concerns about the environment are very present in the minds of more and more people. Maybe because of the huge amount of information that circles on the internet in site and blogs like this one, because they saw it on the TV, or because they have already suffered from some of the effects of climate change: floods, extreme drought, heavy snow storms, etc. Some of the solutions presented to prevent or decrease the effects of global warming are, as we all know: Drive you car less times, use public transports, shutdown all electric devises when they are not in use, recycle etc.
  2. Green WebHost is an UK company that started providing environmental guided hosting in 2003. They were, according to them, the first ISP in UK that took this issue seriously. Their datacenter is located in California, east of Los Angeles, and uses 120 solar panels which generate all the electricity they need to power the servers and their offices, becoming the first and only solar-powered hosting company in the UK. We "assist" in the offset all of our estimated 25 Tonnes per year of CO2 (by "sequestration" or "Carbon Fix") by working with TreeSponsibility, a community based Climate Acti
  3. Miguel Dias

    Oil and War

    Since the Babylonian times that Petroleum or Crude oil is used in several ways. But only in the second half of the 19th century, with the discovery of the process of refining kerosene from coal, crude oil becomes an industry. With the invention of the internal combustion engine the oil drilling increased dramatically in order to satisfy the need for fuel. We can easily see why crude oil is considered the “black goldâ€; we use it to make all types of plastics, when refined as fuel for our cars, as heating for our houses, to cook, to produce electricity and so many other things. If this was
  4. In the times we live, it’s almost impossible not be aware of the environmental problems that the earth is facing. The number of species that become extinct every day is so big that some will be extinct before we even discover them. Recently some leading scientists said that the global warming consequences are very unlikely to be avoided; this means that even if we stopped CO2 emissions today we would almost certainly suffer the consequences of global warming anyway. And this is only our fault; we are the ones that deserve to be punished. Now it’s time to change our lifestyle, change the
  5. Sustainable Websites offers web hosting powered by wind power from Renewable energy certificates (RECs). The green power is generated in the Mountain View Wind facility in San Gorgonio Pass, California. With its 111 wind turbines Mountain View can generate enough energy to power over 40000 homes in California. By purchasing renewable energy certificates, we're not only offsetting our own emissions of harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases, we're participating in a community of responsible businesses and individuals. The income from REC's goes towards either supporting existing wind turbi
  6. EcoSky is powered by an infrastructure that draws power from the wind and sun. EcoSky is located in the state of Oregon, USA and was founded on the values of ecological sustainability. Our mission is to deliver quality internet and communications services to the general public while contributing to the growth in awareness of and limiting our impact on the delicate balance of our environment. This company uses energy wisely by using the solar photovoltaic panels mounted on the roof-top to power up their servers. Another reason is their "grid connection": in the summer months when th
  7. WebCtel was founded in 2000, in New England and is the only solar powered web hosting services provider of that area. WebCTel provides website design, maintenance and support, application development, productivity tools and consulting. WebCTel is headquartered in the Greenworks Building in East Cambridge, site of a former rubber manufacturing facility. The contaminated building has been reclaimed and now provides office space to businesses and non-profit organizations that place an emphasis on environmental protection and implementing social change. WebCtel uses solar energy to pow
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