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  1. We used to experience the same thing last year but now the traffic police and the town council have put very strict rule about vehicles emitting smoke. One will be fined $5000 on the spot or a jail term of not less than a year. It seems to be working because its long since I saw a lorry emitting smoke on the road.
  2. That study doesn't even need research, its simple logic that no animal would want to stay in or near a noisy place. Animals are peaceful creatures and the only noise they know is the waterfall, and when they are eating. Noise pollution and human so called development where by they build houses next to the wild parks has send the animals away.
  3. That's a huge crocodile! I'm happy that it was caught before it could swallow a whole human being. Crocodiles are very beautiful but I have seen what they can do to humans.
  4. Is it available in other countries like in Africa. I don't take coffee but like the way it smells. So if I can access such a combination of grape and coffee, may be I can start drinking coffee.
  5. kat74

    Organic Foods

    As much as they are healthier than the other foods, in my country they are the most expensive. Given that the inflation rate is still making our life's miserable, it is a bit hard to afford them I do agree with you though they are environmentally friendly due to non use of chemicals and fertilizers.
  6. I agree, anyone who works online or their work is done using the computer can be a subject to many healthy issues. I usually have breaks by taking walks and also do some house chores. That way I get my body some exercise and the blood can circulate well. If I don't take a break my feet usually get swollen because of sitting down for long. So yes one must learn to do exercises for healthy reasons.
  7. kat74

    Do you smoke?

    I don't smoke and worse the smoke form smokers affects me. I cant stand the smell and feel like suffocating. God knew my predicament and that is way he blessed me with a man who doesn't smoke either. I do warn my kids and fellow family young kids about the disaster that smoking can bring not only to their health but to third degree smoking too.
  8. Am not so much in to gym kind of exercise so I walk every morning while taking the kids to school and also while picking them. Any out door activity will be good for me so occasionally we take bike rides over the weekend. Since working on the computer the whole day can make you very unhealthy I do take break and walk around to avoid being unhealthy.
  9. I think the biggest problem in the world today is the human being. He is the beginning of all the trouble around. Because of the human, the mother earth is suffering and the human being is causing problems for each other. So I think we are our biggest problem. All the problems you have all listed above are caused by man, so don't you agree with me that we are our own disaster.
  10. I have heard of it and even gotten connected with it but I haven't used it at all. There are just too many social networking around before you go through all of them, a day is finished. I think am also too busy trying to work I have cut in half the time I spend networking.
  11. I also work from home, I have a few blogs which am yet to master how to make them get me some money. I also doing a lot of posting to try and make some extra cash. It may not be a lot but every penny counts and helps to pay the bills.
  12. Where I come from we have almost 10 natural wildlife reserves or if you want game parks. We don't have zoo but we have animal orphanage were the sick and orphaned animals are brought to be taken care of before being returned to the wilderness. Would you rather have all the animals returned to their natural habitat or remain in the zoo.
  13. I'm just curious, which out of the worlds continents is the worst affected by global warming. I know most of you will say Africa but I would like to know if Africa or any other you choose, which are your reasons.
  14. What that studies says can be true or untrue given the study of genetics too. That means we have very many stupid people running around our towns. Well they seems to be doing such fine according to me.
  15. Mostly I have fruits trees in my backyard, we have planted 2 orange trees, 3 mango tree, 1 blueberry, a few bananas and 2 avocado tree. The rest of the space as a flower garden and a play ground come family ground. We also have a small space left for panting vegetables like spinach, carrots tomatoes and onions.
  16. kat74

    Green Songs

    We have some in our local language, I do love Michael Jackson Earth song. I don't think if a week goes by without me listening to it or watching it. The message in it is very simple and strong.
  17. I guess I am a prepper especially with cereals and meat. I usually buy enough cereals at the beginning of the month, I buy grains like beans, peas, cow peas, green gram and many more, I then boil them and divide in small portion enough for a one sitting meal. Then I put in the freezer for easy consumption when needed. I do store meat too in the freezer.
  18. On my spare time I go swimming especially over the weekend. I also go biking with my kids around our estate. In the house I also p;ay games but not computer games. After spending so many hours working online, I don't like spending more time there than supposed so I play games like chase and scramble.
  19. I think my diet has everything, when we were growing up my brother never used to touch meet but somehow he started. One has to be very committed to be a vegetarian, I haven't tried because I know I can succeed. I eat meat but not everyday but vegetables are a daily must.
  20. Since am on the computer all the time, I think I do have somehow a stagnant life. But I try to take breaks and do house chores or go to the grocery shop to buy some necessities. I also take walks mostly in the evening when the sun has gone down, but I do agree with you because I have noticed some weight gain lately.
  21. I never thought of making my own chocolate, that looks like a simple recipe and I will try it with my kids soon. Thanks.
  22. I walk when my kids use the bikes. I used to bike then one day I fell of the bike, then fear come in so I do intentionally stay away from them. So my kids ride while I walk and market we go shopping for groceries.
  23. I don't use dish washer of a machine to wash my clothes. I hand wash all my clothes and dry them outside on the lines. I also don't clean the utensils with warm water and I have minimized the amount of water I use for warm showering. If its not in use, then its always turned off.
  24. Most of the times I use public service if am going to the city and since I don't go to work am a work at home mum, I hardly go anywhere.. When we are going out with the family, that is the time we use our car or if we are going shopping. Besides the petrol has become so expensive it doesn't make financial sense to the car if public transport is near by.
  25. I think when more companies come up competing to sell the panels to consumers , that's the only time the panels will become cheep. This can only be if people want to use solar energy more hence creating a competitive environment for the use of the panels. It may take some time but eventually it will happen.
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