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  1. I get to where I am going by either walking briskly, running (depending on time), cycling (depending on city), bus (depending on country) or car (usually my last resort). I like active transport, so your body can feel its movement! It is so much more fun too...
  2. I most definitely do use a bicycle. Unfortunately, right now it is a very real challenge as I live in a city that is very cycle-unfriendly. Motorists are quite aggressive towards cyclists here...but thankfully, I will not be here long. I have been cycling since I was 4 years old and once you learn the joy and efficiency of a bicycle, it is really difficult to go back. I generally choose walking now, cycling when I can...and public transport to get where I need to. I will rent a car or jump a flight for longer trips. I love bicycles!
  3. Google Plus rocks! I really like it, its usability is awesome and Google really knows how to keep things simple and user-friendly. It has grown very quickly but the other little glitch that I have for now is that very few of my contacts have embraced it. I am trying to get them to switch but most are too comfortable on facebook. I will not give up though. I truly feel that Google Plus is the future of social networking.
  4. I would choose an e-book, it is simpler and much more sustainable than a paper book. Billions of trees are cut down annually for paper making. It seems counter-productive somehow. Paper was used then as this technology was not available. If books were made purely out of recycled paper, I would have no problem with them. So far, only certain books are created in this way though. I am sure more will in the future...I hope so. I must admit that there is something very romantic about the look and feel of a book - but I generally prefer the trees in the ground, producing oxygen and removing
  5. I agree with Kat24 that humans are the problem - we seem to be very talented at creating problems and stumbling around for so called solutions. The 'solutions' of course coming with a price-tag. Feeding into the consumer culture that we live in. My little rant aside - all the problems are actually symptoms with one cause. If we can eradicate that cause, then almost all the symptoms will disappear. So, where do we put our focus? No, I do not have the answer as but I do feel that is we simply RESPECT ourselves, our neighbors and the planet that is providing us with a home...we will be fine.
  6. I stay fit by always moving, like if I can walk rather than drive - I choose that option. I go for fast walks, jogs and building stamina towards a run. I also swim. And the other activity is dance. I used to do kick boxing and yoga but no longer. I really feel that it is about the smaller things in life - often the healthier option is one that not only benefits you but your loved one too, including The Environment....who I count as a loved one.
  7. Leila

    Do you smoke?

    No, I do not smoke and in fact, really dislike it as a habit. I grew up in a family with many smokers and began to resent the passive smoking role being thrust upon me...as a child, what can you do? As an adult, I remove myself even when another lights up around me. Mainly for health reasons, as my sinuses immediately become blocked up. I think it is not one of the best practices but to each his own, and I respect that - just not around me.
  8. Interesting. This will only work when there is some sunlight available, right? We have started using LED lighting, as it is more environment friendly even though the initial price is high....the long-term saving is immense. It would pay for itself in a month or two. Plus, it recycles naturally, not poisonous like other bulbs - this is what we were told. I also love the fact that it emits light without the heat component...this is the only bulb I can think of right now.
  9. In time, the costs will go down for a number of reasons. But already, there are people doing it successfully and economically. There will always be the naysayers but I feel that this is TOO important to allow anyone to curb you - even your own negativity. I know someone in New Zealand whose entire home is organically and greenly powered. They save so much and most importantly, they are living in harmony with their environment. So, the cost may appear high but I feel that NOT jumping on board with wind and solar energy would be a fatalistic mistake.
  10. We have a large number of plants in our yard/garden....of many different species etc. I would think are easily hundreds. We have been focusing on getting mainly plants that are water-wise, do not really need much water. We do have some trees too like paw-paw, lemon and banana trees - we eat the most delicious fruit from them. There are just normal tress like jacarandas and Joshua trees. Shrubs, bushes, plants, flowers and herbs. That is it!
  11. Sounds great - I will give it a try IF I can get my hands on it. I generally use xylitol which is completely natural...extracted from certain fruit and some trees...and it is low GL, low GI and is safe for diabetics etc...and what I really love is that it is good on the teeth, it actually encourages healthy teeth rather than decay it. As an addition, palm sugar sounds like a piece of awesomeness. I will research it and see where I can find it. Thank you for the share.
  12. One healthy activity that I am really thankful to have incorporated into my life is - cleaning the house with natural products. Instead of using normal detergents that are dangerous chemicals, we use bicarbonate of soda and lemon. It works amazingly well. As a natural air freshener, we use pure water with a few drops of eucalyptus - it purifies the air as it is antibacterial and it is earth-friendly with a lovely clean aroma. To repel pests we place cotton balls with peppermint on them - ants, mice and cockroaches dislike the smell. We use no chemicals in any of our cleaning and that i
  13. I think it is vital on all levels that we live in harmony with our environment - we are living succesfully on this planet, Gaia...only because it is being allowed. Any guest that does not behave is kicked out eventually. I love Earth and we do all we can to live happily and in harmony with her...making her more beautiful by planting plants and trees that provides so much oxygen for us. We recycle and reuse everything and I never buy over-packaged goods - in fact, it annoys me greatly. We also have our own compost heap which feeds the ground for the plants and trees to grow. I LOVE that
  14. Great question! No, I do not have a stagnant lifestyle. I feel an almost compulsive need to move! So, yes, I can be for long hours at the computer writing but I have segments in my day for exercise - which is as important as breathing to me. The last few days I could not exercise due to an ear infection but I could hardly handle it and actually went out for a jog yesterday. I am glad I did as I am starting to feel much better. Energy must move in order to regenerate!
  15. Leila

    Organic Foods

    Ideally, I would prefer all our foods to be bought organic - however, right now I would say we are eating 50-50. This is due to the high prices, I do not mind paying more for quality but when all expenses are taken into account - where we are right now, organic food is very expensive. It has been said that it will be getting more affordable in the future, so certain things particularly vegetables and fruits we try to buy organic. The rest, like milk and meat...we simply cannot right now. We grow our own herbs and some vegetables organically. I also like buying organic because other than it
  16. I really like comedy shows - anything lighthearted that can make me laugh is an outright winner! Other than comedy shows I used to like supernatural shows like Heroes (before it lost the plot) and Lost (before it also lost the plot). Now, I am sticking with comedies...they are quick and can fit into any busy schedule and it is difficult to lose the plot eg: 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, 2 and a half men etc. We will see, that is how it goes now.... :rolleyes:
  17. Thank you for that information, you are so right. A few years back we went on a Wild-life Safari, and as fascinated as I was with all the animals...the giraffe was simply beautiful and so very peaceful. In fact, I would call the giraffe a very graceful being. Also, so smart... On our safari trip, it was hard to see her babies as she hid them on top of a hill where they were camouflaged - and kept completely safe from the roaming predators like the wild cats. The game-ranger also told us that one kick from her would leave any other animal seriously hurt. Giraffes rule! But for this thr
  18. In a well researched article I read by Glenn Ashton called 'Zero Waste'- he reports that 64 kilograms of waste is produced for every one kilogram of product manufactured globally. We are looking at an astronomical amount of waste! In my family, we buy as best we can products that are not heavily packaged as I have a huge aversion to packaging...since a child. We re-use all packaging that we can for planting in, or any other function we can find for it. We try to buy food and beverages in glass packaging if we can...and we take material bags to the supermarket. The food waste we make co
  19. We conserve energy by using LED (light emitting diode) bulbs which use very little energy and are environmentally friendly. We also only use hot water when it is necessary. We accumulate dishes neatly to wash one time in the evening. Similar situation with clothes, and only iron items that need ironing. We switch everything off at the plug, otherwise it still leaks energy out. We use a green energy hotplate to cook food on most, if not all, days. It does not use electricity nor gas but a green gel made from sugar cane, I think. Ehm, yeah...just being conscious of what we do
  20. This is a great post but we cannot kill this planet. Mother Earth is alive and well and adapting rapidly and all the time to the strain we are placing on her. One day she will tire of us...and it is us who will die, not her. We should respect the environment that has been so generously allowed, but we do not. We are very very little in the grand scheme of things. We have to wake up, so that our future generations can live. Nature is unstoppable. I just saw a beautiful flower growing through a crack in our paving...nothing stops Her. Unfortunately it seems as if we need MORE earthquakes
  21. This is a great post, thank you. I have been following the the growth of organic farming for quite a while and I do believe that it is the superior form of farming. I also read that it provides jobs as it is more labor intensive. With the economic climate what it is - any industry that creates honest opportunities should be embraced, I feel. Organic farming is kind - kinder on the environment and potentially on the future economy too. Organic keeps it simple.
  22. I also love chocolate but especially dark chocolate. This recipe does seem to be high in saturated fat though and this makes me hesitant to try this recipe. The coconut oil and cocoa butter are fats. Seems like recipe for 'death by chocolate'. Every ingredient is fat...a heart attack waiting to happen. I may be wrong but that is how it looks to me. I will stick with a block or 2 of dark Lindt chocolate.
  23. I deeply and I mean deeply despise zoos. They are horrible self-serving places that should be swallowed up by the earth. I am not speaking of animal sanctuaries, where animals have been saved from cruelty but of actual zoos where animals are confined to unnatural circumstances. There is nothing I hate more than zoos. Nothing. Many are inhumane with some of the worst I have seen in Asia and Africa...seeing elephants sitting in concrete jungles and I mean...literally concrete, was sickening. What makes us humans think that animals want to live in boxes the way we do? The day zoos are
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