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  1. @Esperahol I know China is one of the overpopulated country and also among top polluted country due its coal mine and lots other stuffs.But china also is an developed country.And I am not against euro/usa countries I am just focusing on my country and how it is affected by world developed countries so called development by big industries and smokes.

    The worst affected by global warming will be the poor. I've actually been to Nepal so I know how bad some of the roads are there. The water from the mountains makes some of the roads a life threatening ordeal. It is unfair but that's the way it is, countries like Nepal will suffer from the consequences.

    Yes,it will and nobody is gonna listen.Just the world has to move.China/Russia should develop fast as communists to compete with america and uk.And we will suffer in this rush of development.

  2. When there was invite only for google plus,I tried hard to join it.One friend of mine send me invites but it said it only takes 18+ members and my google profile was 17 at that time.So,I feel it disgusting and didn't try to join it anymore.By the way,I am like against social networking sites for social use because of bad experience in the past with them.Just use then for internet sites/forums promotion.

  3. Most of the members in our green blog knows that Hostgator is one of the internet gaint in hosting business which hosts more than 8,000,000 domains.And I like this host because of its homepage,which gives eco-friendly message to everyone visiting/using it.

    Have a look at this


    This says hostgator total energy consumed by 130% wind energy.So,this is good way to convey message of becoming eco-friendly to general people.

  4. This morning I saw some documentary about Denmark which Impressed me so much.So,I google for some more infos and thought to share in this green community.

    The use of cycle is the developed country is so rare and in the trend of declining in the developing country,maybe due to the raise of living standards of people.But,The statics of cycling in Denmark is so amazing.

    *16% all trips are in bicycle

    *1.1km is average cycling done by a denish in a day.

    *44% denish doesn't even own a car.

    *17% male & 36% female in Demark goto their workplace by cycle.

    for more information you may google it. ;)

    I also heard that,Denmark is currently getting 10% of its total energy source through wind energy.

    So,salute for Denish for this great move and being eco-friendly.



  5. Hello guys,this topic is for discussion about climate change in context of under developed/developing countries.My country is Nepal,it lies in south east Asia and it is developing country.We have green forests,a huge resources of running water,white mountains.Being a developing country,it doesn't have much industries and 70% population on farming.Explaining all these,I doesn't mean we are only one saving the green world but it just means we are not exposing the green world much.

    But,the problem is why should we face ozone layer depletion to cause some sorts of harm on skin/health problems?Why should we face some nuclear harms if some developed country test their power?

    The most worst thing caused by all this global warming and climate change due industries/vehicles/nuclear tests to my country is that our mountains snow is melting down.This not only destroys the earth physical/surface it also raise the ocean level causing tsunami,flood in countries like indonesia,japan,maldives.This is only one example,there are lots of things faced by developing countries by the problems caused by developed countries.

    So,guys what do you think about this?

  6. Hello friends,this is me remon ray from Nepal,a small country but rich in natural resources like tropical forests,home for rare wildlife,various glacial lakes and off course Himalayas(mountainous range).The highest peak of the world,Mt. Everest also lies in Nepal.

    So,this is a short intro of mine and my motherland.Wwll,I am here to learn some more ways to live green.

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