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  1. Seems like you've really researched this and made a huge effort into your invention. What are your next steps?
  2. Haha, there is no better way to get people to car pool than comparing them to Hitler!
  3. I spent £295 on this fixie bike (only the 2010 version): http://www.sebikes.com/wordpressfiles/?p=2067 And it has paid it self back multiple times over the past couple years. It's so much fun to ride and a pleasure to travel on. In fact, I just at the chance to do a quick run on it, so when a friend asks for a favour I am more than happy to run to the shops etc. It makes me look like such a good person when I am actually getting a lot of enjoyment out of it :)
  4. These really are some fantastic tips. There's never been an issue with water in our area, but if ever there is, at least I'm a little bit more prepared! Thanks.
  5. Hahah the lemon powered clock. These are some fantasticly rubbish ideas. I'd love to meet the creators and see if they were joking or not..
  6. We make our own jams and chutneys in this house. Of course recycling all food to turn into compost, in order to grow more vegetables. I'd be interested in making my own tooth paste if someone could recommend a decent recipe?
  7. We have so many plants and vegetables growing in our back garden. To name a few: Cauliflower Carrots Spring Onions Tomatoes Rocket My dad has become very keen on becoming hunter gatherer and provider for the family..
  8. Yeah this packing is so ridiculous. I am pretty against bottle water. Fullstop. I don't care where it's from.
  9. I really expected BP to be a lot higher up than that! Especially with all the oil spills.. This is a really interesting list and thank you for sharing it with us. So are these people also the mostly highly taxed? What is being done to help convert these polluters?
  10. I saw the video of the horn going through his neck a while back and I have absolutely no sympathy for the man. I hope that more accidents like this take place so that the sport will be banned entirely. It's a totally unneccesary tradition that is no better than Roman's going to the Colosseum to see other people getting killed.
  11. "Whaling in Norway involves the hunting of the Minke whale for the purpose of using the whale meat for human consumption, generally in Northern Norway. This hunting has occurred since the early 20th Century, and some still continue the practice in the modern day." Roughly 3,000 whales a year by Norway alone! This is a crazy figure. Has anyone found any petitions to sign in order to stop this? How can we help?
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPgreOZzXlo This is an interesting video that discusses these topics. I can't actually answer this question myself but now you've brought it up, it will be something that I investigate further. I would how much damage this causes to wild life every day.
  13. That's an interesting fact, that I bet most people are not aware of! I agree that due to state ownership it would be easier for China to make drastic changes to it's environmental and economical structure.. in my opinion. However I bet there are a lot of factors that we are not taking into account.
  14. I don't often tend to buy eco friendly clothes but always try and go for a vegan option where possible. I'm not sure if this counts as well? Converse are quite a good choice because it doesn't hurt any animals in the making. I guess the rubber soles are a bit of an issue when it comes to recycling though. I would be interested to see some more links to environmentally friendly clothing if anybody else has any great recommendations?
  15. Hey! Good luck IronSight! I think you're making an extremely sensible decision. 4 years is long enough and any longer you'll be kicking yourself.. in the lungs. Going cold turkey is the best way. I know this from personal experience. It's all about replacing that habit with something else and trying not to surround yourself with other people who smoke. I didn't smoke much myself though so had no need to cut down particularly but I guess that's the right choice if you are a heavy smoker.
  16. Yeah I totally agree with you Simonleuf. It's such a stupid fashion to be drinking branded water. How many countries on this planet have access to clean and drinkable tap water? It's a luxury that us westerners completely take for granted. Why would you pay all that money for a label? It's totally beyond me! Like the first post mentions, the transportation of the water and even the manufacturing of the plastic alone are partially responsible for the rise in oil prices!
  17. David Attenbourough did a fantastic documentary that discusses issues of over population on this planet, that is really worth watching if this is a subject that interests you! Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dN06tLRE4WE I once read that the entire population of the planet, all 7 billion, could stand shoulder to shoulder and we would only take up the space of Los Angeles... look how much space there is left! It is over consumption from greedy countries like the USA that are the problem.
  18. This is a great thread considering that plastic bottles is something that we all have in an abudance. I saw this great link that discussed how you could make your own green house out of plastic bottles and if you're a DIY woman/man and on a budget, it is a great idea or present for your parents. The only issue is storing space.. Here is the link: http://www.westnottssu.co.uk/media/64927/plastic%20bottle%20greenhouse%20instructions.pdf
  19. This reminds me of Ace Ventura for some reason. Is the coffee expensive? I would be interested to try it. haha, the coffee tastes like ass. This is an interesting method of brewing your morning coffee!
  20. Ahh unfortunately this video has been removed from youtube. It sounds really fascinating though and I will try and track it down through some other method. Did you learn much from watching it? Do you think this is still happening in Ukraine?
  21. The link is broken so I can't view the news, but I think I know the one you are all talking about it. I am afraid to say that it was killed. If this is the image of the crocodile with the African village stood near by? I'm sure they ate what they could and used the skin. I think it had been responsible for many deaths in the area.
  22. That is a fascinating fact about cows holding grudges and being able to make friendships with other cows. Can you tell me the source of your information Simonleuf? I totally agree that is as bad as murder to be killing these majestic sea mammals. The Japanese and Norwegian are notorious for supporting the destruction of Whales and dolphins and have now increased their number of kills through "scientific research" excuses. I also agree with you, Mystique that sharks shouldn't be hunted and killed simply because they kill/bite a single surfer once every blue moon. My proposal for this is that
  23. This documentary is incredibly moving. Rick O'Barry is a man who helped create this entire industry but has since turned his back on the multi million dollar industry and instead is now trying to destroy it. The good news is that this movie really made a difference and opened a lot of people's eyes. The vast majority of Japanese people were unaware that any of this was actually happening in the first place. I think we should all commend the brave men who battled for months in order to bring us this documentary, no matter how heart breaking and difficult it may be for us to watch.
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