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  1. With so many housing developments today, forests are slowly dying. Forest serves as the natural habitat to a lot of animal species. What will happen if the forests are gone? First possibility is that animals will dwell with human in cities or towns. Can you imagine sleeping soundly then you realize that a python is next to you? Or a big bear is sitting in your veranda? Second possibility is that wild animals will die, which eventually affects the food chain. Dead forest is sure to have negative impact to the next generation. There will be no more forest to hike or trek.Lush green environmen
  2. Sometimes we cannot blame nature for the disasters happening on our planet. Let's face it. Majority of the calamities that badly affected different regions on earth have root causes. Yes these disasters could be man-made. There are strong basis to this. Take for instance the climate change which is worsen by our carbon footprints and emissions. This means that these disasters started from us. Check out this infographic which might enlighten us all that it is our own fault that we experience different forms of calamities - man-made disasters. http://www.emergency-management-degree.org
  3. It’s the time of the year again when we have to say goodbye and hello. Farewell to another year and welcome a brand new year. And as a tradition, we always have our list of New Year’s Resolutions for our self and life in general. There are people who are truthful to their resolutions; but most of us find it challenging to stick with these resolutions. So you have a long list of New Year’s Resolutions which usually include personal ones like diet, savings, job stability, etc. Why not make a change this year and include your home in your list? We should have New Year’s Resolutions for our hom
  4. Autumn is not just about watching the leaves change their colors or monitoring the mercury drops in the thermometer. Many of us are easily enchanted with the changes happening on our surrounding when fall season comes. Oftentimes, we get overwhelmed by the cool weather caressing out skin and the scent of autumn. Image courtesy of sxc.hu However, there is one thing we should keep in mind when this time of the year comes. It is the time to prepare our home for winter. Why you need to do this? Needless to say, you do not want to be stuck in the middle of the chilling weather doing h
  5. It is the time of the year again where we can see different spooky decorations, food and costumes. Halloween is indeed one of the highly anticipated event of the year. People of any age take part in the said event, both young and adult, which makes it more fun. Image from flickr.com Creative Commons Many children do trick or treat during this event. And to bring more thrill and excitement, most homeowners decorate their homes especially the outdoor space with Halloween themed stuff. Indeed, one can find a variety of Halloween items in stores. Are you thinking of how to embellish y
  6. Being a homeowner is associated with different responsibilities. There are certain obligations that homeowners needs to carry out for their homes as a way to make it more livable. And one of these is a home renovation project. It might sound expensive considering that renovation often entails spending certain amount of money. But there are simple ways to rejuvenate your home without the need to allot huge budget. Image from sxc.hu Green initiative is very rampant these days. It becomes the primary feature of many housing communities today in
  7. As the campaign for going green continues to heighten, many first class hotels join the initiative to help save the planet. These hotels may seem luxurious and not caring about the environment. But the truth is, they do care about what is going on in the surrounding. That is why these opulent hotels are also doing their parts in supporting green campaign. Image from sxc.hu Indeed, there is a long list of green endeavors that luxury hotels can do. All these can produce beneficial impacts to the environment if carried out religiously. It does not really take a scientist to know what y
  8. Green campaign has been the talk of the town for many years. From government agencies, private organizations, educational institutions to households, green initiative is widely promoted. Undeniably, the best place to start a go green campaign is at home. With regards to what each one of us can do to execute green efforts, the list is quite long. Image from sxc.hu Recycling is one of the simplest form of green initiative. Many households carry out recycling project as a means of supporting the call for helping save the planet. Besides recycling, there are several ways you can do
  9. A clean home has a huge beneficial impact on the health of the people living there. That is why, it is essential to keep the house dirt free. When talking about what can make our home dirty and unsightly, there are many things we can point out. Image courtesy of sxc.hu Have you spot a mold formation in the corner of your kitchen? Or molds started to grow in your bathroom? Instinctively, we want to get rid of the molds when we see them to keep a healthy environment inside our home. But if you are worried about using market-sold cleaners to eradicate molds, you can do simple clean
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