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  1. Nowadays more and more people and institutions become really concerned about the environmental issues the humanity faces up every day. A lot of organizations were established in order to make people understand the importance of preserving the natural beauty and resources. The fashion industry has always been blamed for being careless towards the nature. A lot of campaigns against the animal abuse and the fur used for making over expensive clothes. Luckily a great number of world famous designers took the standpoint of the society into consideration and slowly but surely we see the first signs
  2. Nowadays the technology is advancing with a tremendous speed. If you turn around you can see different more or less useful gadgets, powerful portable computers, smartphones and all kinds of things our ancestors couldn't even imagine. However, the smarter our appliances are, the more fragile they become. That statement particularly applies to the computers and TV screens at home. You can't just grab some paper towel or a sponge and wipe the screen down. On the contrary-they require special attention. You can either buy a special cleaning detergent or continue reading and make your screen shi
  3. Household odors can be a rather unpleasant phenomenon but lucky for us there are easy ways to get rid of them even if we refuse to employ commercially provided chemicals and products. Baking soda Most of the solutions you will be able to make yourself, and they will be located in your kitchen at this moment. One of the greatest weapons you can use against household odors of many kinds is baking soda. Its effectiveness and versatility are undeniable. Make a simple little solution of baking soda and water. You can use it to remove some odors from your carpet and even upholstery
  4. If you are fond of natural way of living and all commercial products are just not your cup of tea, you probably tend to make your own cleaners at home. Many natural products can help prepare efficient and inexpensive cleaners that are environmentally-friendly and therefore protect your health. Why would you switch to home-made detergents? The reason for this is that commercial detergents contain lots of chemicals such as phenols, sulphates, petroleum distillates and various fragrances (that are made of harmful chemicals). Making your own soap can save you all this and protect your health. P
  5. Organic way of living has become widely popular in the past years. More and more people decide to try organic living and fall in love with it and it's great positive effects on health. There are many ways to introduce organic style to your life, starting with organic food, or organic gardening. And why not organic housekeeping? There are many interesting methods you can apply at home and make use of items you would usually throw away and not even consider using for anything. Such might be banana peels and rice. There are great ways you can apply them in your daily cleaning process and enjoy gr
  6. Nowadays many people realize the degrading effects store-bought detergents have on the environment, because it is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with accordingly. If we do not stop polluting mother earth, who knows what will happen; global warming, war, famine etc. No one knows because not once in the history of the human race, have we influenced our habitat this much. And if we do not control our wicked ways, sooner or later we will suffer the consequences of our own ignorance. That is especially true for people who aren't even aware that there is a problem, and that is staring them
  7. Someday we will see the error of our ways! The fact of the matter is that unless we become more aware of our changing environment, we cannot truly achieve balance within this natural world of ours. Water for example is good for a whole variety of different things; from drinking, to bathing, to public fountains – water is all around us! And unless we make it our job to preserve our natural water supplies and do everything that is in our power to prevent the endless depletion of our most valuable recourse, we will be facing a global catastrophe the likes of which are yet to be seen by 21st centu
  8. Although dry cleaning is considered as one of the most effective alternatives to the traditional cleaning with chemicals, it appears that it is not as eco-friendly as you may think. Unfortunately it is definitely not the best choice for the environment. One of the primary solvents used by more than 80% of dry cleaners is a chemical called tetrachloroethene (you may know it as perchloroethylene or perc). This name may not ring any bells, but the truth is that the chemical has a huge number of bad effects, it is toxic and may lead to plenty of health problems. However, it is a great and highly e
  9. Cleaning is one of the most important things you can do with your time and I'm surprised it's not actually the nation's favorite pastime. Forget talking about politics, sports and watching TV (or whatever people waste their time with these days) – cleaning has a much bigger recreational value than all of them put together. All you have to do in order to see that is stop looking at it as a chore and realize it's a hobby, just like playing golf, collecting post cards or recreating Minas Tirith with legos. As such, it has to be respected. I hope people finally realize this some day. But I'm not h
  10. Since the environment can't take care of itself, and when you think about, we are the ones who have something to lose in the end (because objectively neither the environment, nor the planet care too much if we are here or not), I think it might be a nice suggestion to employ some not-so-difficult tactics to make things a little bet better. Green cleaning is by far the most useless attempt to save or preserve the delicate balance of nature, but it's a good start for building up habits and introducing innovative concepts that might have a more serious impact on the matter. If at one point in tim
  11. During the recent years, eco friendly lifestyle becomes more and more popular. In terms of cleaning, for instance, people find a lot of different alternatives to the common cleaning detergents. Recycling, reducing the use of plastic bags and the waste of water and electricity in your home. Today there are many ways to show your concern about nature and the resources of our planet. Recently, eco style gets into the home decorating and interior. Natural materials, harmless paints, hand made decorations and natural colors. All these are a great solution if you want to refresh your old apartment.
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