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    Sweetpea got a reaction from supergirl in Making your own   
    Id like to know too. Anything to take the vinegar edge off cleaning. I dont like my house smelling like a pickle for an hour after cleaning.
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    Sweetpea got a reaction from Simon in Less Plastic? Really, SanDisk?   
    These are from costco. Its a joke. Seriously though Costco puts out big cardboard slabs for the gift cards, cameras and other expensive electronics. Why not do the same for these? Package them in a reasonable package and keep them behind a counter.
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    Sweetpea got a reaction from Simon in Do you have a grey water system?   
    I do. My washing machine drains into my small yard. But the chemicals! Nope! I use stait vinegar in the wash. 1 cup, let soak 1 hour then proceed with the cycle. My clothes have no smell and after being line dried have no stains.
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