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  1. This isn't exactly a healthy food, but I unfortunately love pasta just a little bit too much. I try to eat a variety though, with some of the vegetables mentioned above. I try to eat as lean of meats as possible, and my favorite meat is chicken.
  2. Can someone explain a little bit further? Does this have anything to do with the fact that antibiotics might also kill of "good" bacterial used to fight off diseases? I wasn't quite sure, but at least I am being made more aware of what affect the use of antibiotics in meat production could do. I know that users of these medicines (even animals) could become indeed resistant as a result of long-term use.
  3. I hope I didn't accidentally reply to this already. If so, oops. LOL Anyway, I like to recycle and I have in the past picked up litter when I saw it lying around. When I am walking a dog I would take bags with me to pick up the doo-doo with and then throw it in the nearest garbage can. I used to work for an environmental cause going door-to-door. It was for a job but at least it was nice to inform the public.
  4. That makes perfect sense to me. To add to that, I live in a city where the bus only runs until 6p.m. at the latest on Saturdays, and not at all on Sundays. Therefore, if I continue to use my car, it would especially be on the weekends. Furthermore, sometimes I or another person may need to be somewhere that is past the time the bus runs during the week. Therefore, I sometimes have to use the car.
  5. Can you explain a little bit further? I guess I have a tendency to think that because we are on this earth we are a part of nature, and supposed to be (as far as I know) the most intelligent creatures here taking care of the earth is our responsibility. You may have a slightly different point of view as separating humans from nature. I was wondering what you meant by that, just for interest sake:)
  6. I walk, take the bus, or drive. It depends on the weather. I like to sometimes not use my car because it saves on gas when I don't.
  7. I agree with zoos as long as the animals are given enough habitat space in which to roam. The zoos in my state seem to, although one local zoo did close down. That was a bummer. We still have our local Wildlife Sanctuary here though.
  8. This may seem like a generic answer, but I can't help it. I am passionate about dogs. Dogs rule, as in the movie Cats and Dogs. LOL I think it has something to do with the fact that I grew up with having more dogs as pets than any other animals. They are friendly, cuddly, and cute.
  9. I can see how the noise pollution (i.e. sound of the airplane) could be disturbing. It's not only disturbing to animals, but also humans. The same is for when a person lives by the train tracks. However, I know this is not just about us humans. This world is about the animals. I wonder if they could go deaf from the noises? Do birds and other animals have more sensitive ears? (If there was something in the article I missed about that part of it, I am sorry in advance. I skimmed it kind of fast.)
  10. Yeah, now that I re-read it the topic is a little bit sales-y. I only replied though because there was a part in it that I really like to do. Maybe the reader could revise it a little bit so it seems a little bit less like an ad? Other than that, the idea of trying to live chemical-free is one I cherish.
  11. I think it's alright. I personal get scared though, thinking it will be me that gets the thumbs down next time. I gotta really watch what I say. LOL I personally like a rating system based on one to five stars more than I like a thumbs up/down system. However, I can see the point that it is meant to flag inflammatory or spam posts. However, can't the spam posts be either deleted or blocked? I suppose that takes time too.
  12. This is a very scary issue, as the global use of the Internet could actually bring a terrorist to someone's back yard two or three thousand miles away. I hope there is a way to deal with these terrorist's rings without shutting down some of my favorite networks completely. I know it could be tough to band the terrorist members though because they could always just sign up for a new username. I don't know what to think exactly, but if I were to see a threat message on my Twitter, FB, or other account I would delete and block that person faster than you can click on the "report abuse" button.
  13. It is supposed to be a pudding? It sounds good. However, I wouldn't mind making myself a fall or winter hot chocolate drink with the cocunut oil and hot chocolate. I'd probably also spike it with coffee. :)
  14. Yeah, I don't this this topic should be pinned to SUV owners, but I just can't stand littering. Did you ever see the streets of New York? I was there and it stunk and there was litter everywhere. That is a good example of what happens if everyone were to do it. However, please don't stereotype SUV users, unless you want to complain about the gas mileage of one of those vehicles. LOL
  15. I always thought at least the use of methane made from corn was a great idea, in that at least some effort is being made in this world towards other forms of energy. I am sure corn is not the only plant that could produce methane. It is just the first (or one of) the first that has been tried. I didn't read the article for which this post belongs. However, I wonder: can the farmers really help who orders their corn?
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