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Karim Jessa

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  1. “You are free to do what you want, but you are not free to want what you want.” -- Schopenhauer This quote from Schopenhauer says it all. I don't think there's a higher truth than this. And I don't think whatever I say can express more, or better, than this one sentence. However, as I love saying the same thing in different ways, repeatedly, I'll go ahead and have my say. This is one topic on which I've written a number of articles, and it seems I'm always on the unpopular side. No one likes the thought that they have no control over their lives. It appears to be the quintessential hum
  2. Perhaps I should elaborate on what I said regarding nature having to take care of the problem of global climate change (I'm still trying to avoid the term "global warming." It's just too cold for me.) I take humans as being part of nature. Well, I don't have to take them as such; they indeed are part of nature. So, whatever humans do is basically nature doing it. Now, I know this sounds ridiculous. And it seems to give a license to anyone who feels like doing anything stupid. All they have to do is blame it on nature. But really, even psychological problems are now treated from a natur
  3. Without going so far as to deny global warming, I'd like first of all to deny the name global "warming." I see comments about how it's hotter now than before. But really, I feel (literally) that it's colder now than ever before. I do admit that in peak summer, when it's sunny, the temperature is higher. But summer itself has grown shorter. The winters are colder. So are spring and autumn. And now we have snow in October. That's unheard of! So the first thing is to call this "Climate change" rather than global warming. There are people in the northern regions who dreamed of longer summ
  4. Reading An Apology -- the lesser apology on http://wibi.us/rcu0yg (via @wibiya)

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