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  1. The fact that I suddenly find myself aligned with a group certain conservative members of government are all but calling terrorist, this kind of talk makes me very nervous. They would like very much to shut up the #occupy protests, and this would go a long way in doing it. It's true as long as you have internet you can get around it. They are not as easy to access and use by so many people at once. The internet is an amazing thing, and it's not something I think anyone in an authoritative position would have ever knowingly allowed to happen. It frees ideas, and puts people in contact with one another far better than anything else has to date. It's no wonder the power hungry in government would love to restrict it's use.

  2. This is a very fun subject to talk about, and really it depends on how you frame the question. What you mean by will, god, and a handful of other ideas. I certainly believe god has a plan for me, however my definition of god can change the meaning of this. If I were Christian I would mean something totally different than if I were say a Buddhist. As it turns out I'm neither of those, and I mean something different from either of them.

    Speaking from spiritual and religious terms I believe in a animistic world view. I believe that all life has spirit and is all connected. The only thing stopping me from asking this bell pepper plant I repoted yesterday if it likes it's new home, is a lack of a meaningful form of communication between me and the plant. I do what I'm going to do, and the world keeps going around with me. From this point of view the idea of god as an ethereal separate entity dictating the individual actions of many seems unlikely.

    At the same time though I'm torn, my physical reality dictates my actions more than anything. For instance, today for breakfast I will not have steak. I don't have a lot of money and there is none in the kitchen. I will not go buy a new house today, nor will i go swimming. Again I'm broke, and it's also the last day of October and kind of chilly outside.

    It's a fun thought process though.

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