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  1. Thanks so much for that article! It's the first I'd seen of it. David Attenborough is a favorite of mine. I keep his book "The First Eden" at my bedside, along with Tolkien, to just pick up anytime, anywhere and read beautiful, important words. There's this from the interview you posted: "Robert has two daughters, both now in England, so it is to them Attenborough refers when he says: "If my grandchildren were to look at me and say, 'You were aware species were disappearing and you did nothing, you said nothing', that I think is culpable. I don't know how much more they expect me to be doi
  2. When the price of gas went up to $4 a gallon here in 2008, farmers all around here literally packed their fields with corn. I'd never seen so much corn grown around here, and this is a pretty heavily ag area. It was all going for fuel. We grow a little corn in the garden, just to eat, but can usually buy it cheap during harvest season. Not so anymore! The price of fresh corn even at the roadside markets has at least doubled in the past two years. In the grocery store, it has tripled.
  3. I've seen a tape of Dr.Hubbert in the 1970s, showing off his solar power device and describing how that would be the wave of the future in the wake of diminishing oil supply. What a terrible pity that we as a society did not follow through THEN on the technology development that we will have no choice but to pursue and pay for fairly soon. We have essentially wasted the past 40 years by ignoring the need to wean ourselves from petrochemicals. I surely hope the prices come down because this is how I plan to generate some of my power in the years ahead!
  4. If more people understood what dangerous garbage -- like massive antibiotics -- was being fed to industrially farmed animals (not to mention plants and veggies) I feel certain they'd be joining the folks at Occupy Wall Street in protesting mightily these scams that hurt the citizen and reward the corporate owner, secretly! This is also affecting our children in a very bad way. Here's an excerpt from The Hill story. Link follows. Read it and weep. .......Some health experts worry that the nation's widespread use of antibiotics on farms puts people at risk by increasing the number o
  5. Thinking human beings don't deny climate change unless they are pandering to an interest group in whose interest it is to have sheople continue to over-consume precious, diminishing resources. Let's think ... who benefits from the moronic, arrogant and foolishly short-sighted drill, baby, drill mantra? Maybe some big oil and big energy corporations? And could the Texan twerp be buddies with some big-oil-big-money folks? Oh, yes, I think so. Fortunately, Rick Perry can't string a coherent thought together if it requires more than six words, so I think we may be safe from him this round of
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