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  1. If you live in the US it is even more important to vote since you have such divergent people running in the elections. Most of the fun is in voting for the lesser of the evils. :whistle:
  2. Funny you should say that! BA Terminal 5 bags sent to Milan for sorting How much fuel is it going to take to get 20,000 plus bags to Milan and then what, send them back by lorry in some sorted order to be put on planes that may or may not leave? For sure figure 20,000 really hacked off people who have been missing bags for over a week. <_<
  3. Thinking that if you buy organic coffee, you are saving the world is a sign of being CLUELESS! While it may be good to buy organic coffee, sort of like a small bug on the butt of an elephant thinking that it is controlling the movement of the elephant!
  4. Now is its 6th day British Airways Brings in FedEx to Help Reduce Luggage Backlog Brining in FedEx say they have no clue as to how to get the bags to the people themselves - bad sign - and you have to wonder what they did for 20 years? :thoughtful: And more flights scheduled to be canceled on the next day, says they have no idea how to stop the flow of blood! :sceptical:
  5. Yes, and given that the common complaint was lack of training :crazy: you really have to wonder at the management of this place. A system designed by a rocket scientist when what they really needed was a few good, well trained people, with trucks.
  6. Once you see this pdf showing how the terminal was supposed to work, you will understand why it failed. T5 the most complex baggage system in the world :whistle:
  7. Ok, the weak link in this whole idea, which is pretty cool in reality, is the term common-sense. We are talking politicians here people, just how many politicians have you know that used common sense when it came down to making decisions, when it came time to vote, that effected the people and the environment?. Of course the concept of "promoting a federal programme of subsidies for soccer and cricket schools across the nation" has some serious merit!!! :thumbup:
  8. How not to run an airport Baggage problems are causing delays, cancellations and misery for a third day for British Airways passengers using Terminal 5 at Heathrow. This started out bad and has gone down hill ever since. Amazing that management has not been able to step in and arrive at a solution. 15,000+ bags stranded at Heathrow At least 15,000 bags are stranded at Heathrow airport after a third day of cancellations at the new Terminal 5. BA has confirmed an estimated 15,000 bags are stranded but one source has told the BBC that the number may be closer to 20,000. How much extr
  9. Great before and during the event shot!
  10. Wonder if NASA will get some shots of this event?
  11. Would be interesting if they had data that showed if this has occured before!
  12. From the details, it appears that they are taller but shorter which is what they mean by "smaller". I guess on a packed city street that means you could park more of these that normal cars.
  13. And it looks like the Ford Transit Connect fits that description. I suspect that more than one city needs to be looking at this solution.... :thumbup:
  14. Cost too much money and time to retrofit old cabs. IE, can't make money that way!
  15. Welcome, you should find some very interesting viewpoints to add to your website.
  16. If you are living in a drought area you will CLEARLY understand that water is NOT FREE. Good point. Which means that if we can get a car to run on piss, now you have something. Be the average European would drink more water then.... :thoughtful:
  17. At 30% less fuel, the ones that convert to the new cab will put the others out of business. This is clearly one time when "going green" saves enough money that only the clueless will not go along with it.. :sceptical:
  18. Regardless of political problems, you are going to see a push for electric cars. Now that Toyota has beat out GM and Ford in the US you are going to see them taking panic measures to get back in the race. GM Prepared to take loss on Chevy Volt! Even the airline industry is now looking at switching to prop planes to save money. Why, 30% lower per seat costs are forcing the revival of the regional turboprop market. Canada's Bombardier and France's ATR are the projected winners. :thoughtful:
  19. This concept has way too much common sense to be implemented! :thumbup: We can only hope that the media in New York gets behind this before the political forces try to kill it.
  20. I vote for fish, then chicken! However, if you have every been around a chicken farm whoa, the smell is pretty ripe. Have to wonder if they have done any study as to how that smell gets into the air and what it is. The chickens may be giving the cows a run for the prize and they just have not researched it!
  21. Statement one is on target, oh that we could get politicians to agree to LIMITED TERMS. Statement two is not true because it is not the form of government but the attitude of the people toward recycling. Which, on the most part, I note seems to be the same regardless of country. This is a massive social change issue instead of a government issue. The mind set needs to come from the hearts and minds of the people and not driven down from the top.
  22. More like self destructing! Blade controls must have failed!
  23. Living in the country has advantages, I live in the mountains, on-line shopping can save a lot of gas. Books are a major part of my on-line buying since the discounters make it much cheaper to buy on-line.
  24. Yes, check out this site Earthquakes, real eye opener when you see how many there are on a daily basis, and where they are! :thoughtful:
  25. From my experience, if you use the internet to check the stores in your area to ensure that they have what you are looking for, then you go to one store instead of 5. In a city like Atlanta, that could save 75% of driving time.
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