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  1. Bad reason to elect a person who is totally out of sync with most of the Democratic party and stands on a platform of raising taxes to pay for her programs. This is not the time to be raising taxes. The people "in the middle" see her as a threat to their way of life in already bad times. If it were not for Bill she would never have gotten this far.
  2. However, getting a female president should not be the goal, getting a president that is the best person for the job at this time in history is. Also, this female is viewed as a too far to the right. At this time we need a more balanced person. I would never vote for someone JUST because they are a female....
  3. Will be interesting to see! Either way she will battle to the very end. She really has no choice in her mind. The Democratic party leadership is not really behind her and if she does not get the nod this time, 4 years down the road, she will not be able to get back in the race, ie, this is her one shot..... :thoughtful:
  4. Yep, Hillary has made the Dem party sweat big time this time. She will never quit now...
  5. Not much delicate to it these days, they are also committed to solving all the worlds problems, using all the money paid to them by the lobbyists from the coal companys...
  6. Many times the come out with the answers that they are PAID to come out with.... :thoughtful: the more silly the answer, the higher the price!
  7. And to add more fuel to the fire: If the nomination is decided by the committee, vast amounts of people will be hacked off that their votes were of no value to the Democratic party. This could be a "lose - lose" opportunity for the party... :thoughtful:
  8. Sad but true, Atlanta, Ga. is having the same transportation issues. Many of these cities have a real problem with long range planning. A real problem is that many have seen it as a "core city" problem when almost all of the major cities have huge amounts of companies, etc that are now in a ring around the "core city". So, you really have to be able to address transportation to the core and the "ring" around the city. As long as the "ring" is not part of the solution the issues will never be resolved..... :sceptical:
  9. :thumbup: Man, you have to be thankful for that. Sounds like they are getting a handle on the problems, wonder if they every got all the bags returned to the correct owners?
  10. Major difference, only cars pay a tax. In almost all cities in that area you have a LARGE number of people who ride motor scooters and bikes. In New York, almost no one is dumb enough to ride scooters and bikes to work due to the distance being FAR greater than that of the commute in Stockholm and New York is NOT setup to support non-car commuter traffic like Stockholm. Most of the municipalities around NY are so dependent on NY that they would never do anything to like that, remember that most of the border towns are made up of people that work IN the city of NY....
  11. Yo, She will not stand down before the Pennsylvania primary! Unless of course you see an announcement about someone finding a flying pig! :crazyhappy:
  12. IF they had a good public transportation system. There in lies a key piece of the puzzle... :thoughtful:
  13. However, its the wrong thing! :sceptical: He is campaigning in Europe and if he were going to be in a position to be elected he has to campaign in the US. Obama will chew him up and spit him out! If you are losing your house because some lender is trying to kick you out, you do NOT care about global warming :info: Then, when Obama gets thru with him Hillary will put her high heel up his fat rear end. But, like I said, he cannot get past the people that run the Democratic party, they have shut the door on him and will not let him back in. :(
  14. We can hope that this not just another fairy tale and is a true sign that research in this area is going to pay off, however, the key to the statement is
  15. Gore has NO chance of running for the presidency since the core of the democratic party is FIRMLY convinced that he has no chance. The democratic party has a very different system under which a candidate can be selected by "super delegates" regardless of what the members want. The fact that he cannot carry his home state has hurt him deeply inside the party. The party sees him as a one-horse candidate, and its the wrong horse in bad financial times....
  16. Has NOTHING to do with the oil lobby! Has everything to do with the NY life style. You have lots of people that live in the surrounding areas that drive in for work, theater, shopping and dining. So, who are the big losers if they force people to not drive in for the social events, etc. ALL the theaters, stores and dining establishments. Who was against it, EVERYONE that has to drive in to work and all the stores, theaters and dining establishments.
  17. Gore will be kissing his hand in accepting this! You have to realize that Gore is desperate to get back in the limelight in the US and it is his only chance to do so.
  18. If she wanted to be part of the solution, she should have come up with one!
  19. Now if they have wind like that, how can you not be building turbines their? :thoughtful:
  20. Not hard to believe and not even a bad thing. In todays rabid politics, many are turned off by the "hate politics" that seems to insist that if you don't agree with someones position you must be an enemy. In the US, the Democratic party is almost in self destruct mode with Hillary determined to fight to the bitter end. Of course many say she has no choice since if she losses this bid the party will not back her the next time around. Catch 22! :thoughtful:
  21. Truly amazing what can be accomplished when people put their minds and efforts to resolving issues. Of course they most likely did not have people complaining about unsightly turbines.... like they do in other places...
  22. Just when you thought it could not get any worse, The T5 baggage system fails completely and now they are sorting bags by hand. Cost estimates so far are £16m and that is not counting all the wasted fuel moving bags around..... :thoughtful:
  23. Well, now 28,000 bags are caught in this mess. Wonder how many lorries it will take to transport 28,000 bags to Milan.
  24. What would be even better, would be a common logo used world wide since many of these foods cross international borders.
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