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  1. Voter behavior and what 'The West Wing' teaches us about Wisconsin http://t.co/mUDkPg1X via @c_and_e

  2. I'm creating a program to make campaigns money and get endorsements using LinkedIn. If you want a sneak preview of it, DM or reply!

  3. Gov. Walker wins the Wisconsin air war http://t.co/XrEW6QDq via @c_and_e

  4. “Why Vote?†– 9 Elections THIS YEAR That Were Decided by One Vote or Less. http://t.co/Ayosr2jR via @walksheet

  5. Do's and don'ts of online campaigning from @onlinecandidate http://t.co/PBgtRtp0

  6. Facebook Promoted Posts – Good For Your Campaign? http://t.co/OsqEQ2q5 via @onlinecandidate

  7. Voters Judge More by the Recent Past Rather than the Long Look Back http://t.co/pxwDMCzr

  8. Key 2012 Tech Trends, Part Three: Twitter Duels, Faster Politics, and the Importance of Integration http://t.co/cPXESbxi

  9. E-Book Update: 2000 Downloads and Counting http://t.co/Kv6zswR2 ... congrats @epolitics !

  10. Down ballot races should focus on field and try unconventional tactics to stand out in a presidential year

  11. How Politicians Are Using Text Message Marketing With Success http://t.co/lzbhBWeU #gotv

  12. 6 Indirect Voter Contact Strategies You Need To Know http://t.co/r3EWqkP2 via @walksheet

  13. With mistrial, an opportunity to rethink Edwards prosecution http://t.co/6MKtTGNg via @c_and_e

  14. RT @ShowMeNumbers: 2010 Senate races, Linda McMahon spent $100.70 per vote and lost, while Richard Shelby spent only $2.74 per vote and won.

  15. Online and Offline Behavior of Voters http://t.co/E3VYcwJo

  16. The Political Behavior of Military Personnel and Veterans — The Monkey Cage http://t.co/StiHw465

  17. In Many Local Races, Going Negative Isn’t Acceptable http://t.co/SBLj1ju3 via @walksheet

  18. New Hampshire's pushback on polling intensifies http://t.co/gTQwt6Pn via @c_and_e

  19. Political Fundraising Trends http://t.co/bUMRT3rT (quick read - simple message)

  20. RT @victorylab: How does Obama's campaign know which messages actually move voters? The Chicago experiments, revealed: http://t.co/Z2Sht0Ja

  21. Elections Happening Today – May 29th, 2012 http://t.co/lzDOxm8z via @walksheet

  22. Campaigns are part art and part science - you need be creative in your strategy but test to ensure it works

  23. Your candidate research should be just as thorough as your opposition research

  24. Do you read these great blogs about campaigns and elections? http://t.co/FaQ3ucur

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