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  1. I would have to say I cannot break the addiction I have from coffee. This is something which I need each morning to wake up. So until they find something like that I will continue to drink the coffee, because grapes just do not appeal to me that much.
  2. I use composting worms to get my compost work done. I have my own little worm bin and have it in the garage. Then when I need to have some compost I just go out and harvest it. This works out really well and the vermicompost is some of the richest available for using in the garden.
  3. I have mostly grass in my yard. The garden that I have is normally planted with tomatoes and other food items that me and my family like to eat all the time! I know, not very decorative, but well worth it!
  4. I have never heard of this before, I prefer to go off of my own timetable. I know many people like the robots or programs because it helps to get the information in front of them. However, if you have some nice weather it is best to take advantage of this while you can!
  5. I love to ride my bike! I know this has many health benefits to me, but it also helps to save the planet because I do not have to be worried about going to the gas station all the time! So I know this is going to help me out and the planet. However, I have to make sure the proper safety gear is used because of the traffic on my road.
  6. I seen this same study and found the information as very interesting! Not only that the dirt is not as destroyed by the tractors as well. I know a local farmer I buy from switched to Organic 24 years ago and he makes more today selling at markets and organically growing then he did doing the normal method of farming.
  7. I am a prepper to a certain extent. I am on a limited budget so I cannot do to much in the way of actual prepping, but I am doing the best I can and getting as many resources together so if something does happen I can easily keep myself and my family around for a long period of time.
  8. I am a member of my zoo, but most of the membership money goes to care for the animals. Not only that the zoo where I live tries to establish itself as a great place by providing as close to natural habitat as possible for the animals. Sadly in preserves it can be hard to find people who can stop poachers from going in and killing the animals in my experiences.
  9. The antibiotic use in the industrial farms is terrible. I know if you have some organic meat from a farmer you can really tell the difference. However, I know the stock yards are rampant with bacteria and the closeness of the animals requires this type of antibiotic use. This does not mean that people should just lay down and accept this as the only way to get the best tasting foods around because it is not and generally when the meats are stocked full of antibiotics only makes it easier for the bacteria to make us sicker without a cure.
  10. This is true to a certain extent, but you have to look at how well the children were educated to know for certain. Then you can figure out if you are really stupid because of the nuclear radiation or if it is from some other cause.
  11. I try to recycle as much as possible and actually get two garbage cans of recycling each week for one can of actual non-recyclable garbage. Since I can do this, I know I am able to save quite a bit. As far as the food items I buy and do not use they go to my husbands worms so they can get all fat and happy and I can get the compost from them for the garden!
  12. I eat as much organic foods as possible. Not only do they have fewer chemicals, but they also have a higher vitamin content. So I know I am going to get the best possible results from eating this healthy food compared to the stuff which is sold in the stores and sat for Lord knows how long before being released to the general public to buy.
  13. I live in the country and we do not have the buildings for this. However, I would love to have a green roof because it would be so nice and beneficial because of the way they help regulate the buildings heat. I know if I get the chance once I stop renting the house I am in, I will explore this option for my new house!
  14. I would rather not eat any GMO foods. That is why I try to get from farmers markets or grow my own stuff. However, with all the different seeds available from the companies it is nearly impossible to get the non-GMO foods even in the seed form. This is why I decided to buy nothing but organic non-modified foods.
  15. I have to say one of my favorite activities is when my kids and I go biking up to the local park. WE do not drive because it is only a mile, but we get some weird looks. Not only are we not driving, but getting in our exercise at the same time. Heck, we even have a pull behind trailer for the bikes so we can go fishing and that if we want to.
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