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  1. I don't think South Korea could be considered a 'green' country, far from it. Emissions per person in South Korea is 11.5. Higher than Japan, China, Germany, and the UK. South Korea contributes to 1.69% of global CO2 emissions. China and the US are the two biggest emitters.
  2. You are right, palm sugar does offer an impressive array of nutrients and minerals, however, it is still sugar and it should therefore be consumed in moderation. I personally avoid sugar in general but I do buy organic palm sugar and use it when I fancy a treat from time to time. Raw honey is the other sweetener I use.
  3. I do buy organic food. I have researched the foods which are most heavily sprayed with pesticides, foods like celery and apples, I buy organic celery and apples. I also buy organic meat in bulk, the quality of meat is far superior and it causes less damage to the environment.
  4. Sedentary lifestyles are a killer, literally. A sedentary lifestyle will shorten your lifespan and lead to a multitude of health problems in the long term. Humans are not designed to be inactive, sitting all day, we are designed to be active and on the move. You don't need to do intense exercise, walking is good enough. Stop using your car and walk or cycle.
  5. Population is not the primary problem, the cause of our environmental problems is the economic system, a system based on production for profit with no planning. The ruling class warn us about overpopulation to hide the real problem which is their class rule and the anarchy of the free market.
  6. I eat sustainably reared, grass-fed meat. I buy organic and local meat. I would not cut out meat from my diet because meat is a key part of our natural diet. In the grand scheme of the global economy, I consider my actions to be irrelevant, but that doesn't stop me doing what I can and avoiding imported food.
  7. The root cause of the destruction of the planet is the economic system. Production is for the anarchic and ruthless pursuit of profit, profit comes before the environment. The only solution is a system based on a rational plan of production, we could then plan production harmoniously with earth and begin the task of repairing the damage caused by capitalism.
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