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  1. These flawed studies are funded by the big corporations who make profits ravaging our planet. You should always find out how the studies were funded and have a basic understanding of how to read studies. I am yet to read a valid study which proves Co2 emissions do not cause global warming.
  2. Vinegar is an excellent natural cleaner. I use vinegar to do most of my household cleaning but I haven't tried using it to wash my clothes. Vinegar is anti-bacterial so soaking in vinegar will kill most of the bacteria. I'll have to give it a try because I don't like using unnatural products.
  3. The only sustainable solution to the economic crisis is to democratically plan production according to our needs, harmoniously with earth. Resources could be pooled together and planned on a global scale. There is no solution under the economic anarchy of capitalism.
  4. I can't see that ever happening under a system where production is for profit. The capitalists are not creally oncerned about the environment, their primary concern is profit. The profit motive will always come before the health of the environment. I think the idea that we can resolve the problem within the confines of capitalism is utopian.
  5. I own mini solar power battery chargers. I use it to charge my phone and MP3 player. I also own a wind up radio and a water powered clock. My favourite gadget is the solar battery chargers. I use the chargers often and they are very efficient. Reduces my electricity bill as well.
  6. I didn'r know about this situation before reading this thread so I don't know any of the details. What does spring to my mind is that Assange may have been set up by the authorities. They hate Wikileaks and I think a set up is not beyond the realms of possibility. I could be totally wrong, though...
  7. Of course we should all act responsibily with regards to the environment and do the best we can. I think being active in the movement against the cause of all the detsruction we are doing to earth is the best way to live green. Ultimately, we need to replace the profit-motive system to live harmoniously with earth.
  8. I'm a bit of a compost nerd. Our compost is made purely from plant matter, vegetable peels, seeds etc. Everything we don't eat is placed in a bag and then taken down the end of the garden and placed in the composte. The vegetables we use are homegrown as well, so everything is recycled and organic.
  9. I recently bought a pair of Puma Eco trainers. The trainers are the classic Puma Suede but made with 100% recycled materials and designed with sustainability in mind. The shoe is called Puma Re-Suede if you're interested in buying a pair.... Do you buy environmentally friendly clothing?
  10. We started growing vegetables and herbs a few years ago. We had a big pond at the end of our garden and we decided to drain it, fill it and convert it into a vegetable patch. It was a wise decision because we have saved hundreds on vegetables and you can't beat freshly grown veg. We grow lots of other colourful plants which I don't know the name of, they look pretty and the bees enjoy a feast!
  11. The only way we can begin to tackle the problem of climate change is to nationalise the key sectors of the economy under workers' control. We can then begin to plan production harmoniously with earth. Resources need to be pooled together and planned on a global scale. The capitalists love planning, they plan production to the nth degree in their factory, enabling them to make profit, yet they oppose the idea of planning on a national and international scale because they will not profit from it.
  12. I think their main argument is that there have been changes in climate throughout pre-history. They claim the increase in global temperature follows natural climate cycles. Also, the average person on the street might be skeptical when they witness a big freeze, like in England a few years ago.
  13. The animals should be reintroduced to their natural habitat and the zoos should be closed down. I enjoyed visiting the zoo as a child, but I haven't visited a zoo as an adult. My son is five and he wants to go to the zoo, I suppose I will have to take him eventually.
  14. I've been interested in natural cleaning for a while now, I haven't taken the plunge yet. Do you use natural products for personal hygiene as well? What do you use to wash your clothes? It's good to meet open-minded people on here, when I tell people I know they think I am crazy or obsessive, haha.
  15. It has already started, the 'Campaign for a Mass Party of Labour' (CMPL) is growing. The illusions in Obama have been shattered and the workers are starting to realise they need their own party. I have no doubt a mass labour party will be formed and gain mass popularity. The Republicans and Democrats may even merge to combat the rise of the workers' party.
  16. The social base for Fascism has been eroded, they can no longer turn to the mass peasantry for support because the peasantry no longer exists. There will be swings to the right but the Fascists will not have the opportunity to take power. The BNP were smashed in the UK. The right made gains in France and Greece, but the Socialists were elected in France and the left has more support in Greece.
  17. I always have dried lentils and tinned fish stored in the cupboard. I also grow vegetables and herbs at home, most of the vegetables and all of the herbs I eat are grown in my garden. I'm considering raising chickens as well, but we have a problem with foxes where I live.
  18. My girlfriend is from Australia, they experience droughts in the summer, weeks or even months with no rain. Rain water storage tanks are popular over there. My girlfriend's family actually own a thriving water tank business. I use a water tank at home and use rain water as often as possible.
  19. greenman

    Green Bag

    I never use those ghastly plastic bags. I take a big bag with me when I go shopping. I have been using the same bag for 5 years now. More peeople should do what I do, unfortunately they are too lazy and take the easy option of plastic bags at the supermarket.
  20. I have two rubbish bags collected every Thursday morning. An orange bag for recyclable waste and a black bag for non-recyclable waste. I live with 4 people, 2 bags between 4 people is quite a lot, I suppose, that's half a bag per person. We do try to buy food in its natural form with no packaging to reduce waste.
  21. By focusing on individuals you lose the bigger picture and the real cause of the problem, which is a system based on the ruthless pursuit of profit. We cannot protect the environment while there is no plan of production. The companies who rule the global economy areonly interested in maximising profits. Most of the oil spill disasters are caused by the petroleum companies cutting costs on safety etc.
  22. The 'socialists' won in France, the left in Greece is gaining a strong foothold, and the Labour Party enjoyed a resurgence in the recent elections. Class struggle will be intensified throughout Europe in the next 10 years. There will be shifts from the left to the right. Pressure from below will force the mass organisations of the working class to move to the left. Exciting times indeed.
  23. I totally agree with you. The 'We are the 99%' slogan worked, it fitted with the current level of consciousness of the movement. The campaign for a mass party of labour, based on the unions, will continue to grow in the coming period. The American workers want and need an alternative to the two parties of big business and imperialism.
  24. China is not over-populated. China is not even in the top 10 most densely populated countries. China does produce the most CO2 emissions, almost 25% of the global total. The problem is that the economy is booming, a rising superpower. To overcome the problem we need a socialist China and a socialist world, production needs to be planned harmoniously.
  25. The main problem is not the size of the population, but how resources and production is managed under the current economic system. We could live sustainably under a system based on a rational plan of production, harmoniously with earth. Trying to combat climate change by addressing the 'population problem' is like trying to treat cancer with a plaster.
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