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  1. The problem is that the populations are concentrated in the cities, this could be overcome with a rationally planned economy. Did you know that the entire world population could fit into Texas with 1000 square feet of space per person?
  2. He does look rather strange and sinister in the photo you posted. However, WikiLeaks has exposed many dark secrets and I've always thought the people involved with WikiLeaks are under serious threat because of this. What are his reasons for avoiding the Justice System?
  3. Don't use pure vinegar, that will make your house stink! Use a solution of water and vinegar. I use 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar. I fill a spray bottle with the water/vinegar solution and spray it. The smell is not as prominent when the vinegar is diluted and it still cleans effectively.
  4. China and Russia are not communist countries, they are both capitalist countries with bureaucratic/authoritarian governments. The means of production is private controlled in China. People seem to think the rate of growth in China will continue to rise or at least remain constant for decades, they are in for a big shock. You are right, though, growth in countries like Brazil and India will inevitably result in increased CO2 omissions. It is an orgy of profits, to hell with the health of our planet.
  5. We have plenty of rain here in England. utilizing the rainwater is a great way to conserve water and also reduce your bill. We have two big rainwater storage facilities. Incidentally, my girlfriend is Australian and her family own a water storage container business. They are popular in parts of Australia because of the droughts.
  6. There are plenty of stores online. Look up eco-friendly clothing or organic clothing. I think the eco-fashion industry will grow in the coming years. I have been buying eco-friendly clothing for around 5 years now and there are more outlets than ever before.
  7. Green roofs are cool. We have lots of rooftop gardens in London. It's good for nature - the bees love it and I think most people enjoy having a sanctuary of nature n their concrete cities. It's also a very good way of utilizing space for growing vegetables etc. I'm all for it.
  8. I have started cooking outside more because we had to chop down a big cherry tree and we have been using the wood to cook outside. The firewood has lasted us for 2 years and we still have a quarter of it left. We try to preserve energy, if we use the oven we utilize it for multiple meals, not just one meal.
  9. The worst affected by global warming will be the poor. I've actually been to Nepal so I know how bad some of the roads are there. The water from the mountains makes some of the roads a life threatening ordeal. It is unfair but that's the way it is, countries like Nepal will suffer from the consequences.
  10. Neither. The problem is a system based on production for profit. Over-population is not a problem because the world is not over-populated but densely populated in cities, this could be overcome with rational planning. We need to plan production rationally, it's as simple as that.
  11. This graph shows a dramatic increase in CO2 since 1950 and we know about the heat-trapping effect of CO2. Empirical data has shown less energy is escaping the atmosphere. This diagram explains the process.
  12. I know exactly what would encourage more public transport usage - free public transport. This obviously isn't possible within the confines of capitalism but it is entirely possible in a planned nationalised economy. Public transport would be free and high standard, it would be in the interests of society to invest in this.
  13. I am an atheist so I don't believe our actions are determined by god. I believe we are 'active agents' in history, we can control our own destiny - within the confines of the system we live in. I don't believe our actions are determined by our genetics, our phenotype is constantly interacting with the environment.
  14. We have a 'No advertising leaflets or free newspapers' sign on a door but we still receive unwanted post, albeit much less than before. Posting leaflets is relatively cheap advertising for businesses, that's why they do it. Most of the junk mail I receive is from Indian restaurants, they don't have the money to pay for TV commercials so they post junk instead.
  15. The companies are not majorly concerned about the cost to the environment. If polluting the environment is profitable they will continue to do it. The profit motive is in direct conflict with living sustainably. Consumers do not have much choice, they buy what they can afford.
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