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  1. I think trying to curb the population problem has been done before but it didn't work (or was that from movie?). I don't think the answer is to kill off people, (I hope you were kidding when you made the statement) but yes, somehow this problem needs to be addressed because it isn't making our planet any greener or healthier.
  2. I hardly buy take-aways because I prefer to dine out or cook at home. Even if I were super busy, I would make the time to take a couple of hours off, so that I can have a nice meal without having to prepare anything at home. This leaves my house clean and I don't have to throw any garbage out. When I shop for groceries, I usually buy items that are packed in bottles/glass containers (as they are reusable). I take a big plastic container with me, as well, so that I could transfer the eggs into the container. That saves me from throwing the carton outside. I always have my green or eco bags w
  3. Mystique

    Green Bag

    We use the green recyclable bags here. I have six or seven pieces and I'm dying to get more. Even before it was "the craze", I would normally bring a box or two for the groceries. I never liked using plastic bags.
  4. I have prepared stocking food, but that's about it. I haven't gone to the extent to learn herbology. It would be interesting to learn and I'm sure it would benefit us in the (near?) future.
  5. Even if we spread the word, it would not change anything, if it isn't in the people to do something about it. Every few days, I would update my Facebook status with ways to help the environment, and yet, nobody bothers to share them. However, if I posted something funny or ridiculous, people are quick to share or respond. It's frustrating, so I have learned to just do what I can on my own.
  6. Well, then I guess they have a false representation of their country through their soapies! If I had to compare between my adopted country and my home country, I must say that Cape Town is a lot fresher than back home. I'm blessed to be close to the sea and the mountains. Furthermore, where I live, there is always a "Safe the Environment" campaign every other weekend.
  7. That's true - climate change is scary but not many people are doing anything about it. Producers/directors/activists are making documentaries about global warming and people get into it in the beginning but they slowly lose interest after that. I have no idea why that happens.
  8. I would love to visit Korea for the reason that they still have lots of greenery. One of the states in my country used to have lots of forests but they are slowly cutting the trees to make way for buildings. It's very sad because there's not much greenery left.
  9. An old thread that I stumbled upon but very informative. I like the furniture and I'm itching to find out where I could get those!
  10. Celebrating the New Year has never been a big thing for me, at least, not in the last 5 to 6 years. However, when my family and I did throw some NYE parties, my late mother insisted on using proper plates, glasses, coffee cups and the likes. She never liked using disposable utensils, plates, and cups, no matter how convenient they are.
  11. Rooftop garden is slowly gaining popularity in KL because it's vastly becoming a city full of skyscrapers. Every road turn you make, you will see new buildings being built and I honestly feel that rooftop gardens are the only way to keep the city "green". I have left Malaysia about two years ago, and I go back once a year. I have yet to visit my family and friends this year, but I'm sure when I do, there'll be lots of changes, environmentally (or at least, I hope so!).
  12. Well, I think it's healthy because she did mention nuts, seeds, raisins, and such. She didn't go overboard with the recipe either. She's also using Palm Sugar, which is much healthier than regular sugar. Did you know that dark chocolate consists of between 200 and 210 of calories and on average, each contains 20g fat. Oh and get this - you should eat dark chocolate in moderation due to its high fat and calories content. So, yeah, any type of chocolate with or without additional items should be consumed moderately. I have no idea why you're criticising angelsfun's recipe because I personall
  13. Most of the time, it's swimming or running. Now that winter is approaching, I'll probably stick to running. My fiancé enjoys running and he plays a lot of golf with his buddies. Other than that, we would take a walk around the farm, as it is about 15 acres or so. Plenty of wide open space to walk, run, jump, and tumble. We do not smoke and we hardly drink, too. My fiancé will have the occasional beer or whisky but that's about it. I hate going to places where lots of people smoke - it's such a disgusting habit and I can't stand the smell. I don't how smokers can live with it. As for ou
  14. Hmmm I don't know about this. It wouldn't be the same - for me. However, I'm sure many others would certainly try this alternative to real coffee. Remember, everything has to be taken in moderation, it's when you go overboard that it becomes unhealthy.
  15. Well, I would definitely be saving the planet with this one! It's difficult for me to carry a baby, due to health reasons and it has to be properly planned and monitored, if I decided to have one. That usually means we would need to spend tons of money and I have been weighing the pros and cons of having a child, and I have come to a conclusion that we would not have one. My fiance has two children from his previous marriage, and that alone is enough for me. In addition, I have my nieces and nephew to spoil with my love and attention, and I am pretty sure my siblings would not be having any mo
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