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  1. I also agree that bigger does not mean better. It would make more sense that the amount of material they used to make one of these would be better used making a lot of smaller ones to generate more energy. I agree with the idea of less maintenance, but if this one breaks then there is more of a loss of material/production compared to a smaller one being broken.
  2. One way to get junk products off of the market to is to prove that they are either toxic or dangerous for small children. This can take years though and most of the time it takes a lot of money so people just avoid buying the product in the first place.
  3. I live in Los Angeles and I guess they won't create them because most people here drive. If there were more bike lanes then I think people would use them. There is one bike bath and two bike lanes where I live. All of them are heavily used so there is an interest (more so now that gas is so expensive). Thanks for the tips Jessi!
  4. That is horrible! It's such an unfortunate situation that you can't even control. People need to speak up about industrial testing and get more restrictions on it. Is there any way you can start an organization so that your voice is heard?
  5. I thought BP would be higher than that too! The media makes them out to be really bad too, but why haven't I heard much noise on the others who rank higher on the list? It really makes me angry when you try to do little things on a day to day basis, but huge corps are destroying all of your efforts in one sweep.
  6. Hahaha thanks for the laugh Dan! The cardboard toilet was too much! The dancing panda was hilarious and I could see my mom buying the squirrel for her garden. I thought the solar powered sunglasses was a good idea, but the design was awful. They look like alien eyes!
  7. I have all sorts of plants in my yard and garden. Right now I have a banana tree, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, jalepenos and squash. I have tons of palm trees and aloe vera plants. I do have a plum tree in the front yard too. My neighbor has lemon, orange and lime trees so we swap produce all of the time.
  8. It would just be easier to keep them behind the counters like ink and use less plastic packaging. It is not like all of that plastic is keeping the product from breaking either.
  9. I like to read Streetsblog because it keeps me updated on the latest laws for my city and great updates for cyclist. You can read about new bike paths too.
  10. The biggest and easiest change my family made was reducing our water usage. We put in a new toilet, new shower head and sink faucet and our bill has gone down so much. During the summer we take "military style" showers and turn off the water when we are shaving or just lathering up. The kids love it and my wallet loves it!
  11. Those are some pretty nice pieces. I just wanted to chime in here and say that the best eco-friendly furniture is repurposed and salvaged furniture. It is already made so the resources are not being put into producing new furniture. Time to hit up the local thrift stores!
  12. That is a great way to spend time with the family and teach your kids the importance of biking. I like that you guys bike the mile instead of driving. Very green of you. I bet your family looks delightful on the road.
  13. Due to the Earthquakes in Japan last year, a bunch of trash is starting to spring up in different parts of the world. I was just wondering if anyone knew what progress was being made to get rid of the junk floating around in the ocean.
  14. sillylucy

    Bike Lanes

    My town is in serious need of a bike lane. Bike riders all on the sidewalks and making it dangerous for pedestrians. What can I do to go about getting bike lanes in my city?
  15. How do you feel about bike rental or bike share programs that are starting to spring up in cities like Boston and New York? You basically rent a bike for an hour or a day and drop it off at a little station. It seems like a good deal when one train ride costs $2 and you can get a whole bike to write around for less than $10. I wish we had that in Los Angeles, but the city is so huge I don't think it will take off.
  16. I don't want to eat any GMO foods. I don't know why more people are not outraged by this and still buy and eat GMO foods. I can see if I was living in a country where food was limited, but not here in America.
  17. I have attended zoos and the circus as a child, but I don't think I will now as an adult. I only agree to it if these animals can't be naturalized back into the wild, but the circus and for profit places like sea world are just bad news to me.
  18. Have you guys heard about that town on the east coast that has no cars. Cars are not allowed in the town and they are parked on the outside if anyone who lives in town owns one. I want to say that it is located in one of the Carolinas. It looks green and brilliant and I want to live there myself.
  19. I feel that the population problem has been going on for such a long time and no one has addressed this because they feel that having children is our right as humans. I don't agree. I really feel that parents should have to take a test before they are allowed to have children. Why is it that I have to jump through hoops to drive a car, but I don't to have another human being. It's insane. Did anyone see that viral video about the young parents who put their kid in a washing machine? My point exactly.
  20. I do buy a lot of organic fruit because fruit has a ton of pesticides. I do scrub and wash all of my fruits and veggies too, but I just feel better eating organic and free range. I can tell the difference.
  21. What are some of yoru favorirte green activities that you do with small children? I am going to be babysitting my younger cousin who is 4 years old and am thinking of trying to teach her how to be green. I have taught her how to recycle and she loves it when we clean up in the park.
  22. I am thinking of buying a new seat for my bike. It is too small for my rear and just hurts after an hour of riding. Should I head over to the local bike shop or buy online? I'm looking to spend under $100.
  23. I love watching documentaries! Did you see that one by Al Gore? I have seen a few more that were just slightly informative. Most of the ones at my local video store just seem like they use scare tactics. I hate it when a documentary tries to scare people. I'd rather inform people than shock or scare.
  24. I do have a stagnant lifestyle and work requires me to be in front of a computer for at least 8 hours a day. I try to take a lot of breaks and drink tons of water. I am going to start working out twice a day to try to make up for it.
  25. I wish I had an apartment in NYC with an amazing rooftop garden. The views would be amazing. I did see this feature on Diane von Furstenberg's apartment and she had a really gorgeos desert type of garden so there was less water needed to maintain it. It was gorgeous.
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