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  1. I'm confused. Climate change? A thread talking about record cold. But, its AGW? Global warming mentioned in one post. This is what I don't get, and let me post an elemental example. Rising CO2 plus rising temperatures equals AGW, correct? That is the theory as I understand it. Let's see that in the form of an equation. a = rising CO2 b = rising temperatures equals c AGW or "climate change." a + b = c But, this thread seems to equate falling temperatures with AGW © as well. This is where you lose me. a = rising CO2 b = falling temperatures c = AGW or "climate change
  2. I may or may not agree with your article. I would have to read it before commenting. Using Grist as a credible source for anything is questionable. Grist is funded by V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation who funds dozens of activist groups who are not based in science. They are based upon agenda driven political and money making efforts. The Rasmussen Foundation itself is awashed in over 93 million dollars. Sounds like fat cat corperations to me. Here is their mission. Founded in 1991, the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation’s (VKRF) work is based on the premise that since human activity lies at th
  3. Yes you are indeed correct in pointing out temperature and CO2 have risen since 1975 at reasonably the same rate. But look at the study again. From 1915 to 1936 a similar temperature increase occured without the same rate of increase in CO2. From 1936 to 1975 temperatures fell without a similar CO2 decrease. For a full two thirds of this study CO2 and temperture don't seem to be linked. If I were a climate scientist I would be focused on 1936 to 1975 because a solution could exsist in those years. I am impressed greenman. You frame this discussion in the correct fashion by using the ter
  4. What might those "other variables" be? My graph again clearly shows temperature has not risen linearly with CO2. But then you go on and quite accurately describe our system as a non linear system. This means, essentially, that the response of a system is not directly proportional to a change in the system's parameters. Sometimes a small change in a parameter will cause a very large change in the system, and sometimes a large change in a parameter will result in no change in the system at all. Without a clear-cut description of the processes involved (and no such clear-cut description exis
  5. Money is green regardless of it origin. To suggest corporate money taints a study is rather short sited. Just as short sited as suggesting government money guarantees a good study. Or any other source of funds for that matter. I prefer to look at methodolgy. But that doesn’t guarantee quality of outcome in the final product either. Track record of past conclusions of that scientist is considered as well. Let me repeat my question from post number 30. Here is the study source I was referring to. Clearly this study indicates mean temperatures fell from 1940 to 1980. This study cle
  6. Tried to start an herb garden this year. None of it took. I'm just left with 3 Northern hop plants and one Kent Golding. I home brew so that's why I grow hops.
  7. I was a tobacco user for 17 years. Copenhagen was my vice. My method of quitting was quite unorthodox. I got pneumonia and the drugs I was on made me sleep a lot. Three days later I realized I had not had a chew for three days. Figuring my body was free of it I had to take this opportunity and quit. The mind battle later was not an easy one. I’d say it took a good three years for me to be free of all cravings. One year to be free of daily cravings.
  8. I am a member at www.twospoke.com and www.cyclingforums.com. This is what I ride.
  9. There is a brand new Vestas plant south of my town. Tried to get a job there two years ago. Now there is talk that if government subsidies dont come through they will have to reduce their workforce by half. Limited energy assisted by the government is not the answer. When a 747 is flown from New York to Frankfurt using another form of energy I'll look at it. Nuclear is an option. The Navy solved their propulsion problem with it all right. All the light water reactors were pushed and put in place because the government could make bombs with them. Look into a new plant type that could be th
  10. I never mentioned CO2 in my post but since you bring it up this whole CO2 theory is a bit muddy in my mind. We are told more CO2 equals higher temperatures. If you look at land based temperature records we see temperatures on the continental United States fell from 1940 to about 1980. They fell enough to create hysteria over global cooling and the coming of another ice age. All of this happened before the EPA and really any regulations. With CO2 steadly increasing in our atmosphere at that time how is it possible that temperatures fell?
  11. 20 steps outside my front door is a clam fossil in a rock from one of the most common formations from this part of the country. The White River sandstone. Now what do you suppose that could tell me? That where my house is used to be the floor of an ocean. That indicates huge change. The only constant in this system is change.
  12. Just a small observation. In this thread alone global warming is said to be responsible for flooding and drought. Both extremes of precipitation. How is this possible?
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