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  1. do you mean choose to be a father once the baby is born then? once the baby is born greta could leave the baby with simon. simon leaving the baby with greta is old hat. nowadays men can take maternity leave which is really cool. it's a step towards equality between men and women. by the way simon ,this will never happen to you :sceptical:
  2. i can't get that link. what's an eco bottle?glass?coconut?
  3. hi,ogng! first of all if the woman would be a prostitute then it would be her responsibility to use contraception. all the burden is on her to find the real father would be an impossible task. if it would be a one night stand it would be simons responsibility too. the difference between simon and greta(one night stand) is that the baby is in gretas body not simons.greta could die if she has an abortion.so thats why she has the bigger say in the matter. and simon your right,we can't allow this anti abortionists to take over.it took so long to get these laws in place but we have to respec
  4. thanks i bookmarked it. :)
  5. thanks simon,like your forum.

  6. the graphics are really nice and it's free.just go to their website.i like to go to cnet for any free programs.you'll probably know it already .there downloads are safe and they have a lot of choice.cnet
  7. it's one of this massive multiplayer games like world of warcraft.havn't started playing it yet ,just made the character.downloading it takes like a whole day.but it's free.not sure what will come of it.i have a mind to play club penguin.
  8. it's really not that simple.i had an ultrasound scan with one of my children at 4 month.the baby was jumping up and down.so if you have an abortion at that stage you would kill another life.just because it comes from your own body doesn't make it right.on the other hand if it's in the early stages before the fetus is properly developed i would think it to be my right to abort .but apart from being risky it's also can be quite traumatic.you'd be always thinking who the baby would have been.having an unwanted baby isn't to be taken lightly,you'll be stuck with it for the rest of your life.
  9. i've downloaded hero online to play on my computer,does anybody know this game?
  10. i'll do that.it's a great idea ,much better than some of the complicated things you read anybody can do this.
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