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  1. i'm a chemical engineering student and i've never heard of the dark sucker theory.. there doesnt seem to be too much about it on google either.. the concept to me seems rather strange that light emmitters suck dark... i mean if that was the case then there wouldnt be any dark left in the world because the sun would suck all of our dark away?!?
  2. I think you've actually changed my opinion their simon because the fact that the wind farm only cost 4.5 billion euros compared to reports of upto 24 billion US for a nuclear plant (http://scitizen.com/stories/Future-Energies/2008/11/How-Much-Will-New-Nuclear-Power-Plants-Cost/) makes me wonder why isn't the uk government looking into this more... instead today on the news i see reports that they are investing in carbon captcher for coal and has plans to create 6 new coal plants.... looks like could be a future disaster if it goes ahead because this technology of carbon captcha has not been i
  3. bex

    hi all

    hey simon and thanks! :)
  4. @layla i think it is about money yes but also about creating something sensible that is going to provide enough energy for the country. Renewable energy does not create as much energy as nuclear now this is a scientific fact. @brettbh I completely agree with you.
  5. bex

    2010 Toyota Prius

    looks to me like honda have ripped off the actual car design from toyota as the insight looks incredibily similar
  6. yeah i agree, they have priced it too high you can get similar green cars much cheaper and people will simply go else where.
  7. bex

    hi all

    Hi all i'm new to this forum and i'm from the UK. I'm currently a chemical engineering student hope to help the enviroment in the future! I've just started my own eco blog check it out in my signature! cya all around the forum!
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