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    armadillo got a reaction from oraclemay in Green cleaning and Green Products   
    First of all,we should all avoid the popular most effective products. For example those liquids that can remove rust only by touching an object. Natural and eco friendly ways of cleaning do not have such instant and magic results. Usually those that demand the least effort and time consist of toxic or chemical substances
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    armadillo got a reaction from Ana in Little secrets to save our Earth...   
    Happy you like it Simon!

    -Defrost(=remove ice) your fridge on regular basis.A 5mm layer of ice increases 30% the electricity needed.
    -Never place the fridge near ovens,other devices that produce heat or at a position were sun reaches.This can lead to 30% less energy needed.
    -Hot food/liquids must be cooled before entering the fridge.
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    armadillo got a reaction from Ana in Little secrets to save our Earth...   
    In this thread you find out how many(really many) things you can do to save the planet and we also encourage you to write your ideas,little secrets of how to save energy/recycle etc

    So,let's get this started!
    -Find out where the closest recycle bins to your house are,and fix your schedules in order to visit them on regular basis
    -Use different bags to throw your recyclable garbage and place them near the usual bin,in order to avoid the temptation of throwing them in it.
    -Even the smallest pieces of paper should be recycled,so have a bag for paper near your desk all the time

    -Never plant plants during hot seasons,they need more water in order to grow roots.
    -If you live in a dry country remember that a layer of leaves on the ground keeps it more wet,so less water is needed.
    -Choose plants that need small amounts of water to live..cactuses and other plants are also very attractive!
    -Water the plants at very early or late hours,to prevent water evaporation

    Waiting for your ideas!!Don't hesitate,we need to know!!
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    armadillo got a reaction from Simon in Hej! I am the very first user on this forum   
    I wanna be a seed
    Hi everyone! :D
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