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  1. I love the phone idea too I just find the backround a bit tiring,I know it's totally irrelevant,but sometimes my eyes hurt when the backround is so white..so maybe a light grey or green could be applied? but it's an awesome job Simon,and congrats for all the posts already :D
  2. so happy to see this forum growing again :D

  3. hej hej! :)

    Nice to be here again, great work Simon! I missed talking green :)

  4. Hej hej :D

    No, not in Portugal yet. It's in two weeks exactly

    Where have you been,I never see you on msn..


  5. loves the new design

  6. Now this is very interesting. I think it does draw attention..err, not only to the picture but to the meaning as well. We do have to try all ways to make people notice what's going on anyways
  7. Happy Midsummer!! :cute: We dont actually celebrate it here, it's not a popular day... No kind of tradition to celebrate it. :/ Hope you all have a great time whatever you do ^^
  8. Dont be so sure Si...lol. A woman may be greener when it comes to CO2 emissions, but she is definitely worse when it comes to animal treatment. Buying so many cosmetics make most brands abuse animals in the worst of ways, to ensure that their products are successful. Cosmetic demand on the market makes expectations rise, and to meet those expectations, brands try endless new methods and materials.. Just imagine how many animals have been abused to have the 'Top eye-wrinkle vanisher of the year'...
  9. People definitely depend on oil and their cars. I think we can't hope that we will totally wean off oil any day soon. So talking about using means of transport is, for now, a more realistic hope, but still very difficult. Those who dont own a car can clearly see how addicted others can be. I have friends who can't go to the city centre by bus anymore, while two years ago it was perfectly easy and normal in their minds. Cars change people, they make them a kind of 'comformists'. They hate waiting at the bus stop, they hate a crowded metro etc etc. And once they have started using a car, it
  10. Wow, fun topic. Which sex is greener... Well women usually have a more sensitive nature, and that may make them try more about the planet. But they also tend to buy all those magazines and cosmetics. Magazines mean that more energy is wasted, while cosmetics usually mean animal abuse.. However, men tend to be very fond of cars and speeding up, and they also make pointless purchases often. They seem to be less organised in trying to contribute, like recycling.
  11. Nuclear power maybe green, but only if used in the right way. We should add the question 'and how dangerous?' next to 'how green'. One small mistake or misuse can end up to much worse problems and catastrophies than conservative sources of energy cause.
  12. Loool! That's silly! I agree with Onlygreennogray, why did he need a hat? Did you actually reply to that one Simon?
  13. Aw,thanks for using my article as a thread Sailing is indeed the best way to go, when it comes to sea travelling.
  14. Aww,that's sad. Right-wing governments do tend to slow things down then. Our government does less and worse than our previous government, (which wasnt left-wing, dont think I support any parties,lol). Right-wing governments usually support the wealthy part of the population, which is going to be the one more economically affected if laws are imposed concerning consumption and energy usage.
  15. Hej hej, hur mar du?

    It's been a long time.

    Talk to me on msn when you see me there


  16. Photo credit: Taras Kalapun The environmental footprint per capita in developed countries is more than 10 tones per year. For example, 10,8 tones of carbon is emitted per capita by British, 12,7 per capita by Greek and 22,4 tones per capita by Americans. It takes both governments and the citizens to take measures to reduce the impact of each nation on Earth. Many every day habits need to be reconsidered and altered drastically. 19.312 Kilometers an average car travels per year, producing 6 tones of greenhouse gases. But you would have to travel 150.107 Kilometers by train to produce the same
  17. Photo credit: muha... This post is an continuation of Travel Green: Manual 1 and Manual 2. Opt for green: Whether it is a hotel or a tour operator, its environmental initiatives should be codified as policy, thus proving its sensitivity about limiting its impact on the environment. Also, appreciation or concern about a company’s environmental efforts should be expressed either by a comment card or by sending a letter or e-mail to the manager. Generally, companies of all kinds should notice that tourists care about nature and are concerned about the green policy of their choices. The more t
  18. Photo credit: moonjazz Riding personal watercrafts is generally a not recommended choice. They pollute the air and water, but if used with care, they can be relatively harmless. Since they go in areas inaccessible for larger boats, they can damage fragile marine habitats. However, they can be ridden in a way that is negligible in terms of ecosystem damage, provided it’s in a controlled environment. Riding ATVs is also accepted under specific rules. ATVs pollute and tear up the terrain, but are sometimes still the only way to get out into the wilderness. The key is to be respectful of you
  19. Photo credit: Joshua Davis (jdavis.info) Just as even the longest journey starts with one step, the salvation of the planet can start with one person: you. Each person that wants to be an eco- conscious traveller has to respect nature and seek for ways to reduce impact on it. That is achieved by making responsible choices and knowing well that just a few easy steps can make a big difference. Fly nonstop: Planes burn the most fuel on takeoff and landing. That means that a long haul flight that takes you straight to your destination emits less CO2 than short haul flights. For the same destinat
  20. Welcome to the forum! It would be great if you could tell us more about your green clothing site :cute:
  21. Is everything ok with the pc now? I think you had mentioned Tuesday.

    Nice to see my articles up again




  22. Lol, just noticed that my pic doesnt work anymore. Uploading a new one :cute:
  23. On Saturday the 21st of February, an unusual event took place in the central square of Athens. The Tourist Guide Organisation took a very important initiative in raising public awareness by organizing a unique exhibition. Using a small part of the square, tourist guides organized a simple but effective exhibition of photographs. The central theme was littering public and historic zones, garbage production and recycling. The gallery included a small tree made of recycled paper, with photographs hanging instead of leaves. Most photographs were about polluted rivers, garbage along coast lines
  24. Gah, that's so sad Si..

    Well tell me if I can help in any way..If you need me to do anything through my pc..

    Dont you have access to an internet cafe?



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