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  1. Sorry about the error. The link worked yesterday though. Weird
  2. I hate seeing and hearing about poor animals slaughtered for whatever reason. I wish people would come to their senses when it comes to atrocities like this. So disturbing.
  3. I just noticed you asked me this question. Sorry it took me so long. Anyway, if you want to know what I'm "reading", currently it's "The Straw Men" but if you want to know what I'm studying in school, it's Information Technology. I'm assuming that's what you're asking, right?
  4. I think it would help. The more people, the more fossil fuels used. If more people want to have 20 kids, like the Duggars, then maybe we should work harder in replacing fossil fuels with renewable alternatives for our energy needs. The Duggars should take an active role since they're polluting the place! Is there really a need to have so many kids? Is it just for celebrity and money?
  5. Haven't watched many of those shows myself. When I do watch TV, they're shows not included on the list. I have watched Planet Earth though. I'm boring I guess.
  6. The question of whether recycling in general causes pollution has been answered in another post. I'm happy with the answer. http://www.enviro-space.com/index.php?showtopic=1521&st=0&gopid=5507&#entry5507
  7. I've asked the question before if recycling actually causes pollution. Thanks for the answer.
  8. Since many of us probably can't go, why not demand our leads attend? Ask our world leaders to personally attend the conference. Take Action
  9. 8 Practical Reasons Why Global Warming Totally Sucks, Plus What's in It For You to Stop it - http://tinyurl.com/njzjn7

  10. That's pretty funny about the drive-in clinic and I believe that would be the case too! Why does it have to be more complicated with women? I'm all about pro-choice because if it wasn't legal, it would still happen. It would just be in a back alley or something of that nature, kinda like drugs. Definitely let the woman decide. It is her body!
  11. Glad I didn't go to this school. They don't even know how to spell "Abstinence" (Absitnence) The student may do well in art school though.
  12. I've seen more news lately about the bottled water industry and bottled water in general and with a new documentary about the bottled water industry, Tapped, I thought I'd share a post from my blog.
  13. Funny but obviously the author of that comment is yes, 14.
  14. Maybe I'll wait to visit to avoid the black snot syndrome.
  15. I think the green is perfect!

  16. I posted a comment last week on Twitter about Glenn Beck's stupid antics. Definitely not news and definitely not worth watching. I really despise the Fox News Channel now because of shows like his.
  17. Glad to be here Simon! Love this forum!

  18. Definitely like the professional blue but would be even better with green.

  19. That is an excellent idea! I'll have to look into going also. Would be great to report on the topic and happenings at hand straight from the conference.
  20. I've never been to London but I believe it when it comes to air quality. Nice to see they're doing something about it. Wish more cities would take the initiative.
  21. Happy to see you on the forum!

  22. I've never been comfortable with nuclear because I always think about the Chernobyl disaster. This article is another great reason I feel nuclear isn't GREEN.
  23. Nothing wrong with going back to school. I'm still there myself and it does take a lot of your time. Good luck!
  24. I like that one. Very creative. Hmmm, will more people buy Coke because of their "green" commercial?
  25. Yeah, but if it causes pollution, doesn't it also defeat the purpose? We're trying to prevent pollution and landfill waste by recycling. I think it's a bunch of bunk to sell their bottle.
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