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  1. The last movie I saw with my husband was the second Harry Potter movie. Other than that we go to the movies maybe once or twice a year. And we only go if there is something really good. As of late nothing good. Plus by the time we pay for a ticket get snacks and drinks it's at around $30 or more. It's ridiculous what they charge people nowadays for going to see a movie.
  2. Well, right now I would consider myself unemployed. However what little work I do have is more fun for me than work. You could call me a farrier but I don't apply shoes to a horses hoof so I preferred to be called a barefoot trimmer. Trying to look for work but with the economy so bad there is nothing out there. Have tried finding something online to do but no luck as of yet. Maybe I'll find something.
  3. Well, not sure you would consider this collecting but as of late it seems like I am getting more and more chickens. I live out in the country so we have chickens for fresh eggs. They are addicting. However, whenever my husband and I go out to a touristy place I like to collect the pennies or quarters that get mashed and have some scene on them. I would say that's really the only thing I collect.
  4. My husband and I do some. We do recycle aluminum cans. Any garbage that is burnable we will burn. We live out in the country so burn what we can even though it really isn't legal. Leftover food gets given to the chickens or if not edible gets given to the worms for my worm bin to compost. I currently don't work so don't drive much. Use the green bags you can buy at grocery stores instead of getting paper or plastic bags when shopping. I don't always have my bags with me so if I don't the bags that are given to me we usually find a way to recycle those.
  5. I try to conserve energy by turning off lights when not in use. Only using A/C when it gets unbearable. Doing laundry before noon. As where I live from noon-7pm that's the time when electricity costs most so try to get laundry done before noon. Sometimes I don't use the dryer but put clothes out on a clothes line to hang dry.
  6. Hi, I'm new here. Just thought I'd post and say hello. Hoping by joining the forum I can learn some new stuff about helping the environment and going green. I try to do the best I can. We recycle as much as we can. Also any left over food we don't eat or food that has gone bad either gets put in my worm bin or goes to my chickens for eating (obviously I don't give bad or rotting food to the chickens). There are other things I do but I know my husband and I can do more. I guess one has to start somewhere.
  7. I have my own green bags for grocery shopping. I will admit I don't use them every time I go to the store. Sometimes I'm out and don't have them with me. But as a rule I do try to take them with me when I go grocery shopping
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