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  1. hey the more university students are on the streets at night the less energy we use at our homes!!
  2. yea living in america for the past year and a half iv gotten to know fox news and the fact that theyre saying this is at least a sign that people are starting to wake up and realise its real! if even the most propagandaous (or something like that) news channel admits to global warming then there may still be hope...
  3. anyone wanna clarify something for me? whats the difference between the ETS and this plan. i just finished writing a paper on the ETS so i know a lot about it. but these talks have me confused. i thought the ETS was the way for the EU to reduce emmissions but then with that in place what are these talks about? is it about the third trading period? thats my guess...
  4. Hi everyone, my name's dirk fruitema. im 20 years old, go to tufts university in boston, MA but im dutch and live in france. very confusing to explain but its not too hard to understand (i hope). im just interested in global warming and mainly stopping it. my major is international relations with a concentration in global health, nutrition and the environment and my second major is environmental studies. im still in college so not much to do here yet but im getting ready to go out into the real world. only two more years which is absolutely terrifying. so yeah thats me. now on to the di
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