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  1. I love anything spicy and I love eggs. I'm a big breakfast food person and it is safe to say that I could consume eggs in a variety of forms on a daily basis for the rest of my life. I kind of stick to the basics. I'm big on sandwiches, pasta and soup as well. I'm not a vegetarian, but I do refrain from red meat in general. I've never much liked it and after seldom having it, if I try now it hurts my stomach.
  2. I collect books. I love reading and like to have the physical copies of what I've read in the past. They remind me of certain parts in my life. I also love the way they smell, even if it might sound odd that I'm admitting that . In the past, when I was younger I collected anything from breath mints to erasers. I was an odd little girl.
  3. I do not own a car, which typically leads me to foot where I'm going. I am currently out of work, but when I was working I would take the city bus as my workplace was across town. I've never been a bike fan, the entire idea of using a bike on city roads scares me. If I can get a ride, I will take one. That, however, is seldom. With all of that said, I just think it's best to depend on my feet :)
  4. I, like Simon, think that it's a great idea. However, I think it is one of those things that most just think about doing. Putting it into practice is quite a bit more difficult with daily life than one might think. I personally have roommates, which allows me only a certain amount of designated space. Having a part-time job and going to school also leaves a small amount of time to begin studying herbology. As sad as it might sound, my time is better utilized elsewhere at the current state of my life.
  5. I, as well, have been looking forward to seeing Planet of the Apes. I love the entire concept of the movie and it doesn't hurt that James Franco is acting as the leading role. It really looks wonderful. I also wouldn't mind seeing The Help. I have yet to read the book, it's on my list, but from what I've heard from those that have read it, it's absolutely lovely. It'd be nice to see the film adaptation.
  6. Hey there everyone! I moved back home about three months ago and have yet to find a job so most of the work I do is online. It's only for spending money (mostly because I haven't found something that pays well), but I enjoy doing it. It's nice to be home and have the ability to spend time with friends and family. Other than that, I'm looking forward to going to school starting in January (it just wasn't feasible this semester without work) and finding a physical job in my city so that this can just be a supplemental income. I've always worked in restaurants, so that's what I'm looking
  7. Just as the thread asks, what movies are you interested in seeing this summer? I personally am excited to see Planet of the Apes. I'm not sure as to why because I've never seen the three previous versions, but this one seems to be executed really well. It also helps to have the darling actor James Franco as the lead. Any thoughts?
  8. When I was younger I used to smoke. Now it is one of those social things, which I try hard not to do. It's one of those things that you know is disgusting and bad for your health, but I typically can't help it when I'm out with friends. I'm just glad it's not putting a cramp in my wallet anymore.
  9. Hello to all! I'm new here and so interested in what everybody has to say. I'm also excited to be here I'm user nmhalverson, which is essentially my name. I love simple living, reading, crafts and obviously living a green lifestyle. :D
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