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  1. I have heard that you should only wash your windows in the fall, not the spring. Clean windows let in more heat, which is something you want in the winter but something you want to avoid in the summer. Therefore, if you're one of those twice a year cleaning people, leave window washing off your spring cleaning list and only on your fall cleaning list.
  2. All of our appliances came with our house. Unfortunately, they are not very high on the energy star rating (some of them still have the sticker, others I have looked up). With our refrigerator, I adjust the temp to make it more energy efficient, and plan to use it until it dies. I'm not sure about your part of the world, but in my town, if I were to put a disassembled (door off), defunct refrigerator in my alley, I can promise you it wouldn't be more than 48 hours before it was gone. With our economy being what it is, we have people patrolling on recycle/trash day who will take anythin
  3. I work in retail. I've been SOO aggravated over the last 10 years that we throw away plastic bags, we throw away paper, we had been really ecologically crappy. Well, we started using a "secure document" company that shreds our sensitive paperwork (and recycles) after a security breach. Step 1. We started selling reusable cloth bags. And they're pretty good. And cute! Step 2. This week, everyone up at the counters was talking about how our bags looked so ugly and dirty. I took a look. They're recycled. hells yeah.
  4. Darn. I was looking for a new phone for Christmas before my flip phone breaks in two (although the possibility of that will not keep me from donating it) and got all excited when I saw this. So now I have the dilemma of waiting it out or going with something else.
  5. Thanks for the welcome!

  6. I totally agree. Same with vacuum cleaners. Another similar pet peeve, why it's often cheaper to buy multiple smaller packages of things rather than one large package, like fruit juice for example. For two half gallon jugs of apple juice it's $1.50 per container, whereas it's $3.25 or $3.50 for the gallon. I thought buying in bulk was supposed to be cheaper!
  7. True, I appreciate that. You have no idea of the quality/how long it will last and you're paying the same amount. That's when freecycle.org is handy. That way, if you get 3 months out of it before it dies, you kept it out of the landfill until it was 100% used.
  8. I agree 100%. When you HAVE to buy, buy second hand. Or buy local. But I work in retail, it makes me so angry to see how much people waste money on CRAP.
  9. Is a seedling what comes before a sprout? Or are seedlings and sprouts the same thing?
  10. I do quite a few of these. My favorites that I do are buying second hand, buying your own coffee cup, freecycle.org, reusable bags, paying bills online, using rechargeable batteries, putting the fixings in my coffee first and let the pouring do the mixing (I did that cause I was lazy, though, I didn't even think about the environmental effects!), and my most favorite. . . . . showering with your partner!! I didn't know that professional car washes were more water efficient! And we have the same shower head that we had when we moved in (only 9 months ago, but I think it's the same shower
  11. I have heard differently with CFL's. They don't actually reach their peak of efficiency (as well as brightness) until about 30 minutes. And if you use them for short periods of time repeatedly, you're shortening the life of the bulb, which means while you may be saving energy in the short run, you're producing more waste. Thus, you're probably better off with energy-saving if you DON'T put them in places you'd only be for a few minutes, such as a closet or bathroom.
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