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  1. Hi! Interesting shop! Am especially pleased to see hemp/wool twine or 'yarn' as I never saw it anywhere before! (& didn't know it existed!) What could be improved..? Hmm.. I think you could make the text on the intro page shorter (so people don't need to scroll so much) Also you might wanna check to keep things consistent when saying 'I/we'.. Personally I would also love to know more about the fabrics & dyes used.. eg in what conditions the hemp is grown, is it organic too, or not? etc
  2. I agree that people may find it difficult to remember the different extensions... .eco might be a nice idea - trouble is, if many companies would use it for greenwashing? (especially if it were more expensive than .com or others) for example, the companies trying to look 'green' would buy the .eco & try to present themselves as 'green'-?!! would there be special criteria who can get a .eco domain name? (if only really green people/organizations or businesses could get it, & it would cost the same as .com, it might be okay..?) who would determine who can get it though?
  3. He he, we don't weed too much either Some weeds are okay so the sun doesn't dry out the soil too much, & too many can be - well, too much.. so some 'action' is still needed too.. (as we don't have organic straw to use as 'bedding' for the plants! - straw is supposed to be better against snails than just other plants or leftover lettuce or such..)
  4. If it looks anything like our Slovenian government...?!! yes, indeed.. They just signed a law about 'co-existence' of GMO & non-GMO plants... (How can they even co-exist? sigh..) There is some 'protection' in it (about farmers getting 'compensation' if their crops get polluted with GMO), I do wonder how long & how good this protection would be in practice..?!! - as far as I know it was quite the opposite worldwide - farmers had to pay to have the privilege to be polluted with GMO stuff?!!
  5. What do you mean about antimatter, arctics_huha? as far as I know that is still in 'science fiction' stages..? any idea when they intend to make it feasible & how dangerous it could be? Simon & others, can you take a look at this blog & comment? - it's about nuclear in USA, & how new nuke plants are supposed to be cheaper? http://www.buildbabybuild.com/uncategorize...ean-equal-green The second article posted there is interesting too: it's about what the Obama administration is discussing?! http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2009/nuclear-0519.html (Of course Obama is from
  6. Yes, stupidity, what is your name? Oh, your name is MONEY!! And - Bayer?!! (Or EU regulations?! Let's hope not!!)
  7. Thanks! I'll check it out... :)
  8. YAY for going by train, Steve!! It's really a shame that car fuel/driving by car is cheaper here in Slovenia too!! if trains (& buses etc) were significantly cheaper, more people would gladly use them.. one can nicely nap on a train or bus, which is a good thing! & they wonder why so many people drive & why the train company is in crisis! (a vicious circle then!) Also, it would be great to have a law that all cargo traffic that just passes through our country must go via train - instead, we get old bad trucks crowding & polluting & destroying the highways!!
  9. Oh, & here is the Greenpeace petition to sign - I've already signed it! http://www.greenpeace.org/international/ca...ds-off-our-rice They are asking "all governments around the world to protect consumers and farmers, their crops and fields by rejecting Bayer’s GM rice, and to stop GM rice field trials"!!
  10. There was a discussion panel on Slovenian TV the other day... The journalist was asking several 'older white men' about energy... some even made sense with some comments, but said absolute rubbish in the next sentence.. Slovenia has pledged a bigger percentage of renewable energy by __________ to EU & one man said: 'Do you know how many solar panels you'll have to build to achieve that % if you build the 2nd nuke powerplant?!!' /The minister gulped a bit lol!/ & also, when someone talked about how important renewable energy is, the journalist said, 'And the nuclear powerplant
  11. he he wealthy women are okay then? & poor men? interesting! :)
  12. Layla

    Earth Day 2009

    Simon, I know socialism is not communism, lol!! we were taught in primary school that we live in socialism, while 'communism is the ideal we are heading toward' (& will never achieve) or something like that... also, Yugoslavia was socialistic by declaration, while some people just called us 'communist' country.. I think eg Poland or Chekhoslovakia were more 'communist' because they were under more direct Russian influence.. Do tell about your trash!! Looking forward to it! And maybe a bit about recycling/waste management/incineration & such in Sweden too?
  13. Layla

    Earth Day 2009

    This seems very interesting!! Maybe you can post pics & a description some time? (or is it on your blog or website?)
  14. As for the original post - I googled 'AgraQuest toxic' & this came up: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2009/01/09/18560307.php quoting from http://davisvanguard.blogspot.com/2009/01/...or-january.html How eco were they then really...?! /not sure how accurate the sites above are, just googled them up.. which is what I recommend everyone do if thinking about a pesticide, herbicide or whatever../
  15. I am reluctant about 'eco friendly' pesticides & herbicides & such too.. If you watched the movie: 'The World according to Monsanto' (excellent film, I highly recommend it!!) you saw that Monsanto made an 'eco' weed killer that was later on found toxic - & there were lawsuits against false advertising!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roundup Some effects may be long-term so anything new on the market is, well - hmm? to be proven.. If you do find anything in the shops, research it extensively & ALWAYS read the small print!! Ideally, one would live without the iffy chem
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