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  1. Nice topic. I like the image and the way they lay things out to explain. I think that more than blaming the economic situation we need to look at the way we handle the economic situation and how taht affects the environment.
  2. pqvone

    Green Songs

    Concrete Jungle is a very interesting rap by TimTimz. He's from NY and the rap is about the newer generations not know what it's like to run through fields of various plants. It's a bit corny, but it's a nice message.
  3. I have a very small yard. It's just grass and a lemon tree with various flowers around it. My favorite part of the yard is the corner with the roses.
  4. I think that the phone idea on the other thread was great. We can keep connected to the forum even when we are on the go.
  5. Reading all the posts on this thread, I realize that the photo thing isn't just a problem of mine. I couldn't even use the gravatar option.
  6. I think it should only give us the option to like the post and not dislike it; that might start up some misunderstandings. I mean, if you like a post the you click the button, and if you don't care for it, just leave it alone.
  7. I might be getting a little to far for now haha but how about an iPhone app? I know the forum is new, but are you at least considering it for the future?
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