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  1. Nuclear power is not only expensive, it's potentially the most insidious vehicle of climate change. Granted, it's not yet implicated in today's problems but its widespread use will most surely destroy the earth. Don't forget that there is no know means of eliminating the extremely radioactive waste - waste that is toxic to all know forms of life. Increase the number of nuclear power plants and the intensity of their use and it'll be only a matter of time before we irradiate the entire planet. One another note: we're being sidetracked again by the big energy. Solar energy is simply the u
  2. :sceptical: The problem the US economy is too much dependence on a virtual economy... people making money by lending borrowed money (can you say inflationary..?). That wouldn`t even be so bad except that the people they`re borrowing from are not receiving any of the benefits. Most bank accounts LOSE money from low or no interest + high service charges. Which one don`t? - the ones of people who`re making money on borrowed money. Sucked the poor dry hence the reason for the current financial crisis. :info: The US needs to get back to doing what made it a great economic power - invest in
  3. Interesting! Here`s another more professional Hydrogen Booster I came across and liked so much I listed it with products that help you to reduce energy use.
  4. :ph34r: After the Presidential debate, over 80% of the polls found that people thought the debate was won by Obama. Most of the news stations gave both Macain and Obama a close match with Obama better at the economy and Macain better overall at war and foreign issues. But Fox News commentator overwhelmingly insist that Macain won by a huge margin, making a big deal of minutia like "Macain said I`ve got a soldier`s tag and Obama tried to one-up him by saying he`s got one too", focusing on Macains touching reason to make the war count but not even mentioning Obama`s equally valid reason that p
  5. won't make a real difference. In Canada it's already banned in public places, offices, restaurants etc. but the ban is rather silly. You can't smoke in a restaurant but you can stand around smoking at the entrances. Now there's no way to avoid smelling or getting the stench of the smoke on yourself as you try to enter the restaurant. Smoking needs to be banned in all open spaces that others can't avoid. Let the smokers wallow in their own stench! :mad:
  6. You're right on all counts. In his speech Obama had mentioned nuclear waste reprocessing, which will increase the energy yield, reduce the amount of radioactive waste and reduce the possibility of using the waste to make bombs. I hope he remembers it if he ever considers using nuclear energy. Much as I hate to consider it, this waste reprocessing option does appeal to the recycle, reduce, reuse rules of environmentalism so I might supporting the upgrade or replacement of current nuclear facilities with ones capable of also using reprocessed waste. I certainly would not support adding m
  7. I'm all for abandoning unsustainable technologies for sustainable ones but I do think Simon has a point. I dislike capitalism mainly because certain despicable people tend dress it up and parade it around as democracy. Anyway, the link between capitalism and the natural order of things is quite strong. All living things seem to exist for the mainly to reproduce and attempt to dominate a niche. Reproduction requires growth and the consumption of resources and these are the links to which capitalism has tapped into. The unfortunate thing is that capitalism drives this natural tendency t
  8. Thanks for the laugh... might be a good temporary replacement till the ice comes back. Seriously though, most of the proposal are scientifically unfeasible and downright dangerous. Sulfur dioxide in the stratosphere!? The atmosphere is not static. Remember in the 70/s how much damage was done to the environment by acid rain? yup - sulfur dioxide in the stratosphere would just rewind us back to those days. Lenses in space!? - that's too far out to even touch... maybe we could just use lots of Hubble telescopes, at least then we'd get the added benefit of seeing more of what's out th
  9. Then again, what doesn't..? There ya go with the numbers again... Be more responsible or at least add more clarity. We're on the topic of the olympics and it's greeness (yeah, I put that there) so we can clearly say that people are not dying because of money spent on olympic goals (or golds, whichever you'd like)... those athletes and fans and country reps look pretty healthy to me. As for greeness, I'll give you that... the excess CO2 caused by such exertions is bound to have an impact on the nearby environmental conditions, even if only in the short term. Secondly; no one with a mi
  10. cool... consider yourself well rated! :thumbup:
  11. :blush: wishful thinking that it will happen maybe, but the fact is that every home or business complex has enough surface area to support the solar panels needed or attachment points to attach a wind turbine to make it energy self-sufficient from the combined generating capacity. This includes the added capacity to top up the batteries of a solar-assisted electric vehicle. <_<
  12. :celb: Spend the money on developing wind and solar and electric vehicles and we'd no longer need oil as a source of energy. The current levels of domestic oil will do for all other uses!
  13. I'd love to rate you... I appreciate the good work you're doing here. I'm a newbie, how do I go about rating people?
  14. Being a science and tech geek I get a lot of questions from friends, family and friends of theirs asking how they can make simple, inexpensive changes to become more eco friendly. Most of them already understood the recycle - reduce - reuse process for everyday garbage items, but didn't quite see what else they could do. What I found was that most people wanted to change but didn't know how and when they found out how they really needed convincing to keep going. They didn't want to go back to the basics... at least not until they're comfortable with where they were and could see where th
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