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  1. We have been harvesting rain water for years now. Every time it rains it's like pennies for heaven. This is the best water you can get, the best and it's free! There is a tremendous amount of water running off your roof, thousands of gallons. Collecting can be as easy as a bucket or trash can along your roof line. With gutters you can direct the flow into a tank or cistern. If your tank is high enough off the ground you can plumb it and it will gravity flow to your yard or garden when needed. If you live in town rain collection should be a must. The run off over taxes the sewer syste
  2. When I was 14 I started composting, with waterhose and pitchfork in hand I turn and watered everyday. I got my compost a lot faster but I put enough energy into it to build a house, hmmm youthful energy. Now older and wiser I make ten times the compost for 1/50 the work and can use the extra energy saved to build a house, hmmm knowledge is key. This is how it's done. I now make 10 times more compost with 1/50 the work and energy compared with how I did it over 35 years ago, when I turned it everyday. I reuse or recycle everything I can, and picked up some field fencing someone threw awa
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