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  1. Thanks Mountainhiker. I actually have clients all across the country and am hoping there is some clearinghouse or standard approach I can recommend to folks wanting to use compostable cups no matter where they may reside. Is it generally the county that keeps this information? Does anyone know if there are private composts? I'd love to find a resource that could be recommended to people all over the country. Thanks for info!
  2. Hi everyone. I'm a new forum member and thrilled to be part of the network. My interest in green, beyond my personal convictions, began as an Adjunct Faculty in Marketing at Marymount University, in Arlington, VA. I started conducting in-depth research into consumer attitudes about how small businesses can most effectively go green with the students. It totally opened my eyes to the magnitude of the green needs of small business owners. I now consult to small business owners who want to go green and its been the best thing I've ever done. Thanks for being here! Looking forward to tal
  3. Does anyone know of a resource for locating local composts that are willing/big enough to take compostable cups? I recently worked with a school on transitioning from water bottles to coolers and compostable cups for their field day. They were ready to make the switch when the issue of how to compost the cups threw a stumbling block into the plans. The middle school has an onsite compost we discovered, but then also discovered it was far too small to handle 500 cups. We were at a loss for where to send our cups. It would be great to know of a resource for locating local composts for this
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