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  1. Hmmm...this got me thinking about my Grandma. Why? You may ask. Well, I always thought she was odd. She didn't waste one bit of food. I'm talking chicken bones so clean that we could throw them in the trash and not worry about animals coming to get 'em : ) Anyway, part of my point is, she didn't waste food because she had know real hunger in her lifetime. She was a refugee out of Czechoslovakia in WWII. She and my Grandpa walked across the Alps into Italy to escape the Nazis. During that trip, they survived on berries and whatever they could find. And even before, food was scarce
  2. You know what "green" product I'm sick of hearing about? Those GE lightbulbs that save so much energy (the funny looking, squiggly ones). OK, so they save energy, but what about the mercury that seeps into the landfills when they're broken. If you break one in your home...guess what? Mercury. I also heard that we're supposed to take them to the dump (intact) so the seeping mercury doesn't harm the health of the garbage truck drivers and the landfill employees. How many people really are carefully saving these bulbs and driving them to the local dump? I'm betting not a lot. Woo,
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