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  1. There are a few movie that I would easily watch again, and have watched over and over again until the VHS tape is flickering when you play it lol. I would watch The Mummy, and have watched that film over and over again. Sinister s another movie. House on Haunted Hill, The Other's. Blood and Bone, Lost and Delerious. The list just goes on and on hahaha!
  2. I definitely agree. I have a problem with the work system, and a lot of peoplr try to tell me that I shouldn't hate work and that to hate work is to hate life. But I disagree whole-heartedly. I hate work not because I am lazy and am opposed to work, but because of what it does to lives. I understand that people need to work to keep the world going, and that there are benefits of work, but i just don't think that people should work as long and as often as they do now, essentially having no time - or very littel - to actually live their lives. I would rather not be alive than live that.
  3. Ok. hank you for your input. My sister has energy saving lightbulbs in her house and hers don't look like they would be dangerpus if they were to drop and smash or something. She has kids and her and her boyfriend are two of the clumsiest people you will ever meet. Maybe the brand that you have are not poisoness, but other - or another brand - is.
  4. I have heard some pretty sinister things about these supposedly revolutionary energy saving lightbulbs. I have heard that they contain a chemical that is poisonous for human beings to breath. So when an energy saving bulb breaks, apparently people have to call special men out, who are dressed in radio-active suits, to clean the mess up properly to ensure that none of the poisonous gas remains. Have you ever had an energy saving bulb break? If so, what hapened?
  5. There are some music artists who seem to just rise to the forefront of everybody's mind with their success as far as albums and single releases go. My favorite artist for 2013 would have to be deadmau5 and Andrew bayer, who are both mainly house music producers. They usually specialize in progressive house music, and other sub-genres of house music. They are two great artists, and I think that we have a ton more to see from Andrew bayer, who I have only really just discovered. Who is your favorite artist so far in 2013?
  6. A lot of people, depending on what religion that they choose to identify with, will say that they think that there is a heaven and a hell, and that bad people (sinners) go to hell, whilst good people go to heaven. The question that I would like to ask is if you believe that hell is a real place, in the way that it is depicted in biblical texts, or do you think that heaven and hell are states of mind?
  7. I am not someone who is passionate about her work. I hate it, but I know that I have no other choice but to either go out and find another job, or just do witthout the money - because I am pretty convinved that I will be unhappy in any job that I do. Even when I enjoy doing something, it doesn't necessarily mean that I want to do that everyday so that I can survive. Most of the people that I know hate having to go to work and have had enough, but there are a handful who really love what they do for a living. Do you fall into that category, or do you hate work?
  8. I am a massive fan of reality television. I think that I am a smart watcher and have been since my teen years. I am able to tell the difference between real life and reality TV, which isn't all that real in the first place anyway. I enjoy lots of reality tc shows, whether it be the Real Housewives franchise, or game shows like Big Brother USA, or something like that. But there are certain reality shows that are just silly. Like 16 and Pregnant for instance. That shos is ridiculous to me. Which reality television shows bother you?
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